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Using the word ‘winter’ to describe the months coming at the end of each year in Phoenix is kind of a misnomer. For while winter in many places symbolizes massive snow storms, sledding, roaring fires and bitter cold, we Phoenicians must only brave the occasional rainy day, a bit of frost on our cars in the morning, and the need sometimes to don a jacket before the sun comes fully up into the sky.

However, even though the human population takes winter mostly for granted here in the desert, the insect and pest population certainly does not. Wintertime for both warm-blooded pests like rats and mice, as well as cold blooded ones like ants and cockroaches, means harsh climatic elements that necessitate a warm and hospitable shelter. The shelter these and many other pests seek tends more often than not to be located within the confines of your residential living space.

Winter Phoenix Pest Control Tips
The best way to ensure your home does not become a bed and breakfast for insects and pests this winter is to take adequate precautions. You can do this by inspecting the main areas of entry for pests and insects—including windows, doors and cabinet spaces…

  • Windows are an easy point of entry for small pests like ants. Very miniscule cracks between the window frames and walls, that can easily go unseen by human eyes, serve as readymade access portals for pests. To test for these openings, take a piece of toilet paper and hold it loosely up to the space between your window frame and wall. If the paper moves, then you know you have an air leak. You can easily and inexpensively fix this leak by either calking the indoor and outdoor affected spaces, as well as by adding/replacing weather stripping.
  • Main entry and exit doors, such as your front doors, back doors and garage doors, are notorious for allowing pests and insects inside your home. The space underneath your door is also responsible for increased heating and cooling costs. If you feel or notice a crack under a door, usually represented by a drafty temperature inversion or even light coming in in some extreme cases, then it is time to replace the weather stripping. Some companies even offer door cozies that slide underneath the door itself to seal up the underside from the elements, as well as from pests.
  • Cabinet Spaces are also pest and insect points of entry because of they way they are built into many homes. The lack of finishing behind them leaves cracks and holes in wall spaces that pests small and large can work they way into over time. Usually larger pests like cockroaches and rats or mice enter homes this way. After removing all of the goods from your cabinets, you can calk the inside of your cabinet spaces to prevent these cracks from occurring or worsening. You can also purchase inexpensive bug traps and keep them in the back of cabinet spaces.


Phoenix Exterminator Services
All of the above tips are helpful for sure, but nothing beats the security and peace of mind that a professional exterminator can facilitate when pest and insect proofing your home for winter in the desert The Phoenix pest control experts at Insectek are here to help by providing professional exterminator services for residential living spaces of all sizes throughout the Phoenix area.

No job is too large or small for our pest control team—and our excellent service will help ensure not a creature is stirring about your home this winter…not even a mouse! Contact us today to schedule your appointment, and we hope you and yours have a safe, happy and wonderful holiday season!

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