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Organic Phoenix Pest Control
What is Organic Pest Control?
The term organic can be confusing, and moreover is often misused. In the purest sense of the word, organic is defined as any substance containing the element carbon. Carbon is present in all living matter, so, simply put, organic substances are derived from living matter.

In pest control terms, organic refers to the use of botanically based solutions that do not contain synthetic, or man-made chemicals that can be hazardous or toxic for humans and animals.

Phoenix Pest Control: Organic Pest Control Solutions
Although it has been proven that cockroaches are indeed immune to higher levels of radiation than human beings can handle, nuclear options are in no way required to exterminate bothersome, hazardous and even dangerous critters or pests. Instead, organic, or green pest control as it is also known, can just as effectively treat and prevent pest infestations—but without the risks associated with man-made, hazardous chemicals.

Wanting to live a life free of these nuisances should in no way mean you and your family, pets, employees and/or customers should have to settle for dangerous synthetic pest control chemicals when treating your home or business spaces. Especially not when safer and more natural alternatives exist that work as well if not better, and also for longer than synthetic chemicals and traditional treatments do. Placed properly, even the least toxic materials will succeed every time. So really, if results are the goal, what is the point of using a more toxic material than is needed?

Organic Phoenix Pest Control Experts
We understand this, and that is why we are proud to offer organic pest control treatments for residential and commercial spaces throughout the Metropolitan Phoenix area. After all, pest control is about much more than just dowsing a home or business with chemicals, organic or otherwise. Rather, it is about trusting a trained and licensed technician who understands the habits and biology of the pest in question, and then chooses the most effective technique and material eradicate the nuisance.

Our professional Phoenix pest control team has the knowledge and expertise to use organic pest control products effectively, efficiently and properly. This includes knowing when to employ dust formulations, liquid formulations, or oil-based formulations based on the environmental conditions—as well as the human and/or animal occupants of the home or business space we are treating. We only use clinically tested organic pest control solutions from reputable and reliable manufacturers, in order to ensure treatments are as effective and safe as possible.

Insectek Provides Your Organic Phoenix Pest Control Services
We want to be the company you trust with your home or business’s organic pest control needs—and to be your Phoenix pest control service team for a long time to come. We offer both organic and traditional pest control services for residential and commercial spaces of all sizes. Our licensed, insured, courteous and highly experienced pest control professionals have been serving the Valley of the Sun for many years now…and we look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.

When the time comes to give your home or business the organic pest control treatment, make the informed, educated and intelligent decision many Phoenicians already have—and trust the expert Phoenix pest control team at Insectek Pest Solutions to safely and comprehensively provide you with the best pest control solutions to meet all of your needs, and exceed every one of your expectations. Contact us today, and let us help you!

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