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Phoenix Silverfish Control
Phoenix Exterminators Specializing in Silverfish Control
Silverfish might sound like harmless swimmers anyone living in the desert need not worry about, but we can assure you they are anything but…and that yes, you definitely should. Silverfish are pesky and potentially troublesome little critters that are not silver, nor are they members of the fish family might we add. Rather, they are very small (less than one inch long), six legged insects.

They tend to be bluish-gray in color, and do bear some resemblance to a catfish—hence their name. However, instead of fins, silverfish have very sharp pinchers called cerci sticking out of their rear ends. And even though the Phoenix desert climate is known more prominently for scorpions, snakes and spiders, silverfish are most definitely abundant in droves Valley wide.

Silverfish Behaviors Phoenix Exterminators Notice
Silverfish are nocturnal creatures, and they prefer dark, moist areas. Phoenix exterminators usually find their habitats in outdoor expansion joints, meter boxes, under leaf piles being watered by drip systems, under foundations that abut to landscaping, in wine cellars and other basement-type rooms, in kitchen cabinetry around sinks, and in bathrooms. Basically, silverfish hang out anywhere there is earth, water and therefore moisture or humidity. They are also very resilient, and can survive for up to a year without a direct food source.

Silverfish tend to feed on starch or complex carbohydrates, and the moisture helps naturally break down their food so they do not have to work as hard to eat. Unlike some other pests we have in the Valley, silverfish do not pose a direct danger to your health. However, they can cause a variety of damage to your personal property, including:

• Paper Goods
• Cotton and Linen
• Drapes and Curtains
• Fabric
• Upholstery and more…

They have even been known to eat leather and polyester when they cannot find the above to munch on.

Silverfish Control and Prevention
Because these pesky little critters are constantly on the lookout for water, food and shelter, the best way to prevent a silverfish infestation is to deny them these things. As respected Phoenix exterminators, we have customers ask for tips often as to how best to prevent silverfish from taking over their homes. Some basic suggestions we offer include:

• Repair leaky pipes and faucets
• Do not overwater landscaping
• Keep landscaping trimmed and tidy
• Replace worn or damaged weather stripping around doors and windows

Also, since they are nocturnal, silverfish take the opportunity to thoroughly clean any dark and moist nooks or crannies in your home during the daytime when they sleep. This includes vacuuming out these areas, and using warm, soapy water along your baseboards. Of course, our expert Phoenix exterminators can also help by providing professional pest control solutions for your home or business.

Silverfish Control and Treatment
Because silverfish usually reside in cracks, crevices and other tough to reach spaces, exterminating them requires precision treatments. This is where the professional, proficient and courteous Phoenix exterminators at Insectek Pest Control come into play. Our comprehensive silverfish control treatments are safe, effective and will ensure your home remains free of these pesky little nuisances. We can treat your home or business for Silverfish, as well as the many other pesky creatures present in the Valley.

Therefore, when the time comes for either preventative maintenance, or to rid your home or business of a silverfish infestation, trust the expert Phoenix exterminators at Insectek to be there for you from beginning to end of the pest control treatment process. Contact us today to learn more, or to schedule your appointment for service.

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