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Phoenix Earwig Control
Phoenix Exterminators Specializing in Earwig Control
During the middle ages, there was a myth that earwigs actually crawled into people’s ears after nesting in their wigs (which were very common at the time), and then laid eggs inside their brains—hence the name given to them by the then-paranoid masses.

Well, we are happy to report that this indeed is just a myth, and one that has no scientific backing to it at that. Of the two thousand or so species worldwide, approximately one dozen live in the Phoenix area. Most of the species we find in the Valley can grow to a bit over 2 inches in length. Their propensity for finding dark and moist spaces to occupy makes them seek out environments in and around your home or business space, including:

• Interior Expansion Joints
• Exterior Expansion Joints
• Water Fixtures
• Grass
• Under Rocks
• Under Landscaping

Earwig Control Information
Although earwigs are not going to nest in your head, they can cause minor but irritating skin injuries through their small by sharp forceps-like pinchers. A nest of earwigs can also give off an unpleasant, musky and even putrid odor.

As they forage for food and as their populations are left uncontrolled we start finding them in our homes and they become a pest. Their desired food sources include:

• Sugary Foods
• Bread and Starches
• Soft Fruits and Vegetables
• Other, Smaller Insects

Some gardeners have found them to be beneficial because they eat other insects that can harm plants, but if their prey is not abundant, they will become scavengers and start looking for food wherever they can. You may be able to see signs of an earwig infestation on leaves; earwig damage is similar in appearance to that caused by garden slugs.

Earwig Control Prevention Tips
As expert Phoenix exterminators, our customers often ask us how to go about preventing earwig infestations. You can help to prevent an infestation, as well as a re-infestation by taking a few simple steps:

• Do not overwater your landscaping
• Let your indoor or outdoor plants thoroughly dry out after watering
• Fix any leaky faucets of pipes
• Keep your cabinets clean and dry
• Keep foodstuffs properly sealed and packaged at all times

Basically stated, and in the extensive experience of the Phoenix exterminators at Insectek, the best way to prevent or treat earwigs is to take away the moisture and food components they so desperately seek.

Earwig Treatment From Expert Phoenix Exterminators
Our technicians have the experience and equipment to penetrate deep into earwigs’ nesting areas. Because of the nature of the earwig life cycle (the eggs hatch within seven days), our Phoenix exterminators treat both an active infestation, as well as every other potential nesting site. This way, the chances of any future earwig infestations are greatly decreased.

When the time comes to either prevent or treat your home or business spaces from earwig infestations, the professional, courteous and proficient Phoenix exterminators at Insectek Pest Solutions are here to help. We will come to you, and help safely, securely and succinctly protect your home or business from earwigs, and many other pesky little nuisances from top to bottom, inside and out. Contact us to learn more, or to schedule your pest control appointment today.

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