Plants – most of us don’t know a lot of about them – but what if I told you that these neglected plants could be the solution to most of your pest problems. There are several plants that you can place in your home to ward off pest! Here are just a few examples:

1. Chrysanthemums

Pretty and vibrant, Chrysanthemums do a lot more than brighten up a room. They can purify indoor air and remove toxins that can be harmful to breathe.

Even better, these pretty, yet powerful, flowers are potent enough that they repel roaches, ants, ticks, lice, fleas, and bedbugs. So go ahead and place them everywhere in your home! Their vibrant colors will make any room look beautiful while repelling those unwanted crawlers.

2. Lemongrass

Believe it or not, the citronella found in lemongrass is a common ingredient in insecticides and most repellents. Although their lemony scent is pleasing to our nose, they also help to drive out mosquitoes. Place this plant by windows that are frequently open or in areas where mosquitoes are likely to enter your home.

3. Basil

If you’ve ever ventured into the kitchen, you know how significant basil is as an ingredient to your dishes. Add basil to soups, pasta, and in other recipes and your dishes will gain insurmountable flavors.

However, basil does a lot more than add flavor! Basil’s intense scent and oils help to drive out flies and mosquitoes that linger in your home.

4. Lavender

Take a whiff of a lavender plant and your body instantly goes into a relaxing and calming trance. Their lovely scent is pleasing to your olfactory nerves, but that same enchanting scent also helps repel pests like fleas, moths, and even rodents. Plant them inside your home for a refreshing and relaxing scent, and eventually you’ll notice those pests drift away.

5. Rosemary

Also used in cooking to add flavor, the rosemary herb acts as a powerful repellent against moths and silverfish. You can place sprigs in your drawers to repel these critters, or plant them near doors and windows to repel mosquitoes before they come into your home.

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