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Termites are one of the most — if not THE most — destructive house-wrecking pests. Each year, it’s estimated homeowners spend upwards of $5 billion to repair damage brought on by these tiny beasts.

There are, however, measures you can take to prevent a termite infestation and the resultant damage. To that end. Insectek’s termite experts have put together the following guide to help you protect your home against these silent destroyers.

Termite Inspections

Want to be proactive and catch a termite infestation before the damage becomes catastrophic? Regular termite inspections are the way to go. 

When inspectors examine your home for termites, they look for things like cracks in the foundation, leaky plumbing, damaged wood or wood that’s part of or near the house, and, of course, the insects themselves. The sooner you recognize the signs of an infestation, the sooner you can begin treatment and limit damage.

Most pest control companies, including Insectek, offer free termite inspections for suspected or active infestations. 

Liquid Treatment vs. Bait Stations

There is an ongoing debate in the pest control world around whether liquid treatment or bait stations are better for treating termite infestations. We at Insectek use both liquid treatments and bait stations. Here’s why:

Though liquid termite products are considered the “old school” way of treating termite infestations, sometimes this method makes the most sense. Property limitations like concrete, pavers, landscaping, and vegetation make it impossible to use bait stations, so liquid treatment would be best in these situations. 

Bait stations are Insectek’s preferred and default method of treatment. They are set up by your pest control professional on your lawn and can even be monitored for effectiveness. It’s so simple. The bait stations only require a few grams of pesticide to do the job, and the insecticide is slow-acting, which allows a number of benefits (to homeowners and the environment, not the termites). 

Consider that if the bait killed quickly, sick or dead termites might accumulate near stations, probably causing other termites to avoid the area and thereby the bait. Delayed-action increases the likelihood of transmission of the lethal ingredient to nestmates, thereby causing entire colonies to collapse.

Termite Warranties

A termite warranty ensures that if you have any new termite activity after initial treatment, you won’t be charged extra for additional treatment. It is a good investment for people who currently have a termite infestation, are selling their home, or have battled termites before.

Almost all pest control companies offer termite warranties with a full treatment. Some companies, however, do not offer a warranty when only partially treating the house. Termite warranties typically range from 12 months to two years and cover regular inspections and treatment. Insectek includes one year of warranty with our full treatments and our customers can extend another 4 years at a predetermined renewal rate.

Make Insectek Your Go-to Company for Your Termite Needs

Insectek has earned its reputation as the Phoenix-area’s termite exterminator expert, and we would like to help you next! The stakes are simply too high when it comes to preventing or treating a termite infestation, and you owe it to yourself to invest in a courteous, professional, highly skilled, and trustworthy Phoenix termite control team — that will protect you, your home, and your peace of mind.

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