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1Also referred to as silent destroyers, termites are not as flashy as rats or mice. They sit in, hide and thrive in the comforts of your yard or home. It can take you a lot of time before realizing that you are facing a termite problem, largely because they work slowly and in mysterious ways. These pests feed on cellulose which is found in plant based materials, and unfortunately for you, all homes have some form of cellulose containing products.

Termite Warning Signs

Finding out you have a termite infestation can take you a long time. Here are a few things you should look for to find it out early:

  • Frass, bubbling of cracked paint all highlight termite droppings
  • A time-specific swarm of winged insects entering or surrounding your home or yard or even field.
  • Hollow wood
  • Tubes of mud on wooden beams etc.

The First Termite – the Soldier Termite

If you think you have termites, the first one to look out for is the soldier termite. Their name is appropriate with regards to the fact that they are the ones that do the majority of the work. More in number as compared to any other kind of termites, you are likely to find one of these easily. The sole purpose of one of these termites is to ensure the safety of the termite colony.

They are easy to recognize and differentiate from other kinds of termites in that they have dark, fat heads which can be used for biting at any predator that threatens their colony. Sometimes they can also snout noxious chemicals from their heads.

Worker Termites and Queen Termites

Queen termites are responsible for the growth of termites in your home. They are the most important termites you should look to eliminate if you want to stop a termite infestation in your home. A queen is able to lay around 2000 eggs a day. This means that she can infest around 2000 termites everyday into your home. Now that is a scary proposition. Scarier is the fact that the life of a queen termite is 25 years. Imagine the number of termites in your home if she lives even half her age.

Deputies to the queen termites are the worker termites. These termites are given the largest workload and building of nests and any such breaches come under their ambit. Apart from the soldier termites, the rest of the two termites stay in the nests, eating, eating and eating some more.

Getting Professional Help

The thing about termites is that they are not readily visible. They are different to killing cockroaches and mice that have infested into your home. You will typically need expert protection against them and for that the best way is to get a professional pest control company to work their magic. A professional pest control company will be able to root out the cause of termites and target their nests directly.