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As a landlord of a commercial property, it’s likely that your tenants will come to you to report pest problems. In most landlord-tenant cases, the landlord is responsible for arranging pest control and resolving the problem. If you don’t know where to start or what to do, Insectek has created a guide that will help you solve the problem and maintain a good relationship with your tenants.

Address the Problem In A Timely Manner

In some cases, pests can be a real danger to your tenants, so it’s important that you resolve the issue quickly. If the infestation isn’t taken care of in a timely manner, it could spread to more units making it hard to get under control. Also, keep in mind the importance of the relationship with your tenants. If you handle the issue professionally and promptly, you’ll establish trust with them.

Discuss The Problem With The Tenant

After your tenant brings the pest problem to your attention, get as many details from them as possible. Ask them the following questions:

  • How long has this been a problem?
  • Does anything make the pest problem worse?
  • Does anything make the problem better?

These questions are important to ask because the answers determine accountability. If the infestation was caused by the tenant’s behavior and habits, they would have to cover the costs of pest control.

Identify the Pest and Where They’re Coming From

Sometimes, tenants won’t be able to correctly identify the pest that has invaded their apartment. It’s best if you go take a look yourself before arranging treatment. When you do your own inspection, look out for the following:

  • Droppings
  • Gnawing marks
  • Discarded wings
  • Nests
  • Hollow wood
  • Strange smells
  • The insects themselves

After investigating, use the information provided by the tenant and your own observations to identify the possible problem pest. 

Start Pest Control Treatment and Methods

If you feel as if the infestation is the result of your tenant’s behavior such as leaving out food and poor upkeep of their unit, it will be their responsibility to take the lead on pest control efforts. If the infestation was out of their control, it will be your responsibility as landlord to arrange pest control treatment. 

As landlord you have the option of using DIY pest control methods or hiring a professional pest control company. We highly recommend hiring professionals to assure that the infestation is handled properly and to show professionalism. Contact the pest control company of your choice after doing thorough research. 

Be Sure to Document The Infestation and Treatment

Document everything starting with your tenant’s first mention of pest problems down to the treatments. You will need to keep this information as proof that you responded to the problem just in case your tenant tries to say otherwise.

Choose Insectek to Protect Your Tenants

Insectek offers precise commercial pest control treatments that will keep your apartment units pest-free. If you want the BEST pest control treatment for your apartments, Insectek is the way to go. Pest infestations can have a negative impact on your property’s occupancy and the likelihood of your tenants renewing their lease. So, high-quality pest control is worth exploring. Contact Insectek for pest control that will protect your tenants’ well-being.

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