Have you ever wondered where insects go during the winter months? The cooler temperature usually means that we see less mosquitos and other bugs outside, but that doesn’t mean they just disappear altogether. Keeping your home and your family safe with pest control is more important than ever in the winter. In order to escape the frigid temperatures outside, many pests will try to invade homes to complete a process called overwintering. This is bad news for homeowners because it often means extra house guests you weren’t planning for.

What is Overwintering

Overwintering is a collection of behaviors by which insects, plants, and animals attempt to survive winter conditions that would otherwise be unmanageable. The two most common behaviors are hibernation and migration. When it comes to pests, most take on the migration approach. Because most pests can’t fly long distances as birds do, many pests will attempt to migrate into homes for their overwinter.

Know the Types of Insects

Now that you know bugs can survive the winter, the next thing you may be wondering is which insects should you be worried about? The short answer is all types. Mosquitoes, moths, and flies are some of the few that are trying to sneak in for warmth and protection. Even though Cockroaches and spiders can be found all year round, keep an eye out for increasing numbers in the colder months.

Where Are Pests Migrating To?

Many of these insects don’t show signs of destruction so finding them might be a challenge. Since they will be trying to find warmth and protection, the first places to look will be attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Next, check cupboards, closets, and behind large appliances. They can even be found hiding in the cracks of the walls.

Ways to Prevent Pest

There are many ways to prevent unwanted guests in your home. A great way to start is by organizing and cleaning your home. Most times clutter piles up in the cupboards and storage spaces making an ideal spot for a pest. Another helpful tip to avoid any annoyance is to call a pest company and have them help.

Insectek Pest Solutions is Here to Help!

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