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With the holiday season in full swing, businesses of all sorts and sizes are undoubtedly immersed in the various festivities employees and customers alike participate in. Although inclusion and goodwill towards one’s fellow human beings is always a popular theme during this time of year, gracious hospitality should not extend to the myriad of pests and critters looking to profit from your lack of pest control preparation.

The expert Phoenix exterminators at Insectek want you and your business to have a happy, successful and prosperous holiday season. However, we also want to make sure that no pesky critters get in the way of the festivities, by offering the following tips to help you secure your commercial business space and keep the insects and pests from spoiling your season.

Winter Phoenix Pest Control Tips
• If you are a customer-based business with foot traffic, remember that every person visiting your business space brings along dust, dander, as well as potential infestation with him or her. Make sure your staff is extra vigilant with all cleaning tasks, including soft surfaces that customers might sit on.
• If you have a communal break room, it most likely has extra snacks, treats and holiday sweets courtesy of you, your loyal customers and/or your employees. Insects like ants are attracted to sugary foods—so make sure food is not left unattended or open overnight on counters or any other accessible space.
• Check all window frames for leaks or cracks that could be allowing small insects and pests into your business. To test for these openings, take a piece of toilet paper and hold it loosely up to the space between your window frame and wall. If the paper moves, then you know you have an air leak. If you have a property management company or landlord, alert them to the leaks, or if you own the building you can either call a handyman or calk the spaces yourself.
• Doors are your main points of entry and exit. Make sure there are no leaks around doors or doorframes that could be letting insects, pests, as well as the colder temperatures into your building. If you suspect leaks, alert your property management company, call a handyman to help secure your doors for you, or buy weather-stripping to place around the inner doorframe.

Our Phoenix Exterminators Deck Your Halls
Periodic pest control services are essential to ensure your business remains safe, secure and pest free. You owe it to yourself, your employees, customers and your business’s overall success to trust the Phoenix pest control technicians at Insectek with all your commercial pest control needs.

Our Phoenix exterminators are courteous, respectful and professional. Because we understand this is your business’s busy season, we can work with you to find the right time for pest control services to take place—thereby avoiding high traffic times during this already busy business season. Please contact us today to schedule your winter pest control appointment, and please have a wonderfully prosperous and productive professional holiday season!

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