Cricket Activity in Arizona

Do you know what’s ironic? To describe a situation that is incredibly silent, the expression “crickets chirping” is often used. If you have ever dealt with a cricket infestation, you know that “silent” is the absolute last word you would use to describe the experience.

In Arizona, crickets are just about everywhere. It seems as soon as the sun begins to set, their chirping begins to echo throughout the area like clockwork. But, what are these bothersome creatures?

Crickets are insects that are related to grasshoppers. This is why the legs of crickets are so long, because they are designed to jump. Cricket anatomy typically features an inch-long body that contains antennae, large hind legs, and front wings. Though some species of crickets do not have wings, those found in the state of Arizona typically do. Wings can cover up to their entire abdomen in span, and are used by males to attract mates.

Essentially, the “chirping” you hear from crickets is simply the rubbing of a male’s front wings together. This sound attracts females that can be potential mates. You often find these pests at night, as they usually spend most of their days hidden away in moist, cool spots.

Is a Cricket Infestation Dangerous?

Crickets themselves do not pose any immediate danger to you or your family. They neither bite or sting, nor do they carry diseases or bacteria as some other pests do. However, this is not to say that a cricket infestation will not have its consequences.

For one, their diet can include your decorative items. Though they are omnivores that will typically dine on dead bugs, fungi, and plants, crickets are known to eat through other material, such as wallpaper glue, wool, and silk. A cricket infestation will not only destroy your sleep cycle with their noises but also your home décor.

Secondly, crickets are an invitation for other pests to enter your home. Crickets serve as great eating for pests such as black widow spiders and scorpions. Both of these predators can be incredibly dangerous to your family’s health and should be taken care of immediately.

Steps to Avoid a Cricket Infestation

Despite Arizona containing several types of crickets, the most common is the house cricket. Typically they are yellow, brown, or tan, and will often be found dwelling by your garden landscaping. The moisture provided by landscaping systems in conjunction with the mild Arizona climate results in an ultimate breeding ground and nesting site for crickets.

However, this is not to say you have to roll over and let crickets make your home and landscape their domain. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The first step to eliminating a cricket infestation is to remove their ideal hiding spots. Actively clean and seal areas, like:

  • Cracks and gaps in the home or building’s foundation
  • Gaps between siding and stucco
  • Gaps in between windows, doors, and screens
  • Flower boxes
  • Piles of rock or firewood
  • Food and water sources
  • Tall grasses

In addition, keep lights off at night as much as possible. Like many pests, crickets are drawn to light. Eliminating the use of strong lamps and lighting will decrease the chances of cricket attraction.

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Calling a Safe Pest Control Company

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