Insectek is your Phoenix Bee Control ExpertBees are essential participants in nature, not to mention the natural cycle of life here in the Arizona desert. They are attracted to the warm and dry desert climate, as well as our diverse variety of arid vegetation. However, in residential or commercial settings, these buzzy little bee critters present a real and ready danger to people, animals, as well as home and business owners throughout the Metropolitan Phoenix area.

In Phoenix specifically, more and more people are coming across colonies and hives of bees that quickly and perilously turn into hoards and swarms in front of their fearful eyes. After all, bees are pack creatures, and although you might only see a handful of them at first, rest assured the rest of the colony is only moments away at that point. In fact, up to 60,000 bees can live in the same colony at the same time!

Not All Bees Are Created Equal
Phoenix has several prominent varieties of bees in its midst—European and African. The European variety can definitely become aggressive toward people, but the Africanized ‘Killer’ Bees are quite a bit more aggressive and dangerous than their European counterparts. Africanized bees are actually the result of a cross breeding experiment meant to increase honey production in South America during the 1950’s. Unfortunately, the experiment did not entirely turn out as planned…and the aggression of these creatures was enhanced far more than honey production.

Should you come across a swarm of bees or an intact hive, the Phoenix bee control experts at Insectek Pest Solutions wants you to take the following precautions:

-Always assume they are the aggressive Africanized species
-Do not startle the bees with any sudden movements
-Do not startle the bees with any loud noises
-Do not spray any pesticides or insecticides on the bees or the hive
-Do not spray any water on the bees or the hive
-Do not throw any projectiles at the bees or hive
-Do not panic, including aggressively swatting the bees around you
-Warn your family, neighbors, and contact an exterminator immediately
-Do not disturb the swarm or hive in any way

Don’t Take The Hive Into Your Own Hands
Please know that bees can and will swarm whenever they feel their nest is in danger. Should you upset the bees, run away and find protective shelter as quickly as possible. Should you come across a bee infestation in your home or business space, please contact Insectek Pest Solutions, or another Phoenix bee control professional immediately.

Please allow Insectek Pest Solutions, your Phoenix bee control professionals, to handle the dangerous and even potentially fatal bee menace for you—so that your residential and commercial spaces, as well as you and your family, customers, employees, pets and everyone else can remain safe, secure and bee free.

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