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Knowing about termites is essential for homeowners who need help detecting issues related to pest control. However, most of that knowledge should come from a professional pest control company because they have the experience, expertise and understanding of what is involved in controlling pesky rodents that invade homes and buildings.

Expert Exterminator

An expert exterminator knows that there are a wide range of termite species and that there are a wide range of techniques necessary to eliminate or control each of them. For instance, the subterranean termite will usually nest close to the ground while the drywood termite can be seen above the ground.

Termite Extinction

Termite extinction is necessary when homeowners are unable to control the problem on their own. Of course, this is the time to call on a professional pest control company. However, there are things that the homeowner should do before the company comes to the home to provide termite service. Preparation is necessary for fumigation and injecting insecticide. Before the pest control operators can perform this kind of service, homeowners will be given some prep activities to do prior to their arrival. The pest control operator will make some common recommendations for preparation. Bear in mind that if you are not prepared beforehand, this could make the treatment process unsafe or it could result in re-infestation. Many pest control companies won’t treat a home or building that is not prepared to certain specifications.

Prior to Termite Service

Before providing termite service, the pest control operator will do a full inspection of the home or building. A note will be made of which areas to treat. The residents will be asked to move furniture and appliances at least 3 feet from all internal walls. Breakable things should also be taken from cabinets or tables, especially if the area has to be treated. Clothing should be covered or removed from closets.

Treating Your Home

To treat your home for extermination, pest control operators may drill through the concrete in specific areas. This allows them to treat the soil underneath the concrete. Holes will be resealed to prevent further termite problems. In many cases and to continue termite treatment, residents are usually asked by the pest control operator to leave the home for the day. The pest control operator will specify the timeframe beforehand.


When the structure of your home is infested with insects, fumigation might be needed. This is the process where a lethal gas is used to eradicate the insect problem. You also have to prepare for the termite fumigation process. You should make plans to leave your home for approximately four days. All living things should be removed and this includes people, plants, fish in tanks and pets. Food and medication should also be removed or sealed in fume bags. Open up cabinets, room doors and closets to make sure that fumigation reaches all areas of the home. Be sure to turn appliances off, especially stoves that use gas flames or pilot lights.


Check with your pest control company to know what else is required to ensure a smooth fumigation, extermination or pest control process. The success of the extermination will depend on how well you work with the pest control company in preparing for the process.

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