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If there is one thing people know about cat fleas, it is that they are disgusting. You may love your cat to the moon and beyond but if they come down with flea, you may want to keep a safe distance from them. The problem with cat fleas is that they are hard to look at because they are almost invisible to the human eye. So how do you find out whether or not your cat is infected by cat fleas or not?

·         Look at Your Cat’s behavior

If you have a well groomed cat, they will not be welcoming of cat fleas. If and when they encounter them, they might have an allergic reaction to it and start acting weird. Even cats that are not prone to allergies will exhibit abnormal reactions to the presence of cat fleas. This can include, excessive saliva dripping, itching etc.

·         Loss of Hair

Fleas are not the most welcome pests in your home and they typically come with other pests which might warrant the use of pest control companies. However, for that, you need to find out whether or not your cat has fleas. One way of doing so is checking your cat for bald patches. Cats don’t like fleas and in an attempt to free themselves of the menace, they can sometimes start to remove hair off their skin.

·         Restlessness

If you had lice in your hair, would you be able to stay calm and content? The answer is possibly no. The same is the case with cats. If they are infected by cat fleas, they will be restless. Trying to rub their head, paws or body against your walls or the floor, would mean your home is being infected at the same time and may need pest control after a while.

·         Cat’s Avoiding Places

2There are certain places in your home where the presence of fleas is at its most and some places where their presence is a bare minimum. Typically, rooms that are carpeted will have a greater number of fleas. If your cat stops going there, that should act as a sign that they get bitten by fleas in that area of your home fairly regularly.

·         Comb the Cat with a Flea Comb

You can’t afford to wait till your cat is spreading the fleas all over the house to act. You need to make sure that your apprehensions of fleas affecting your cat are true. For that, the best way to go about it is to buy a flea comb and comb your cat thoroughly over their fur to check for fleas. However, here, it must be noted that the combing needs to be done outside your home to avoid fleas spreading further inside.

Most home owners can think of cat fleas as an issue of their cats which doesn’t affect them. In reality though, fleas bring with themselves a number of different pests which can all affect the health of your home’s residents.

If you know your cat has fleas, its best that you contact us in Phoenix, AZ to do a thorough pest inspection of your home.