When it comes to pest solutions, early detection is critical – but to the untrained eye, spotting a potential pest problem can be difficult. Luckily, the team at Insectek Pest Solutions is here to show you five signs that you’ve got a pest problem.


Have you noticed pests roaming around your home? If you have, there’s a possibility that you may have an infestation. Some pests, like cockroaches, are nocturnal – so if you happen to switch on the lights while they’re doing their scavenging, they’ll frantically run into a corner to hide. Luckily, this gives you an opportunity to observe where these pests disappear. In turn, you can guide your pest professional to that spot for a thorough treatment.

If you see pests during the day, this may be a sign that the problem is getting out of hand. Don’t hesitate to call a pest professional, like Insectek Pest Solutions, to evaluate your home.


Droppings can range in size and appearance depending on the type of pest, but if you are familiar with them, you’ll be able to identify what pests are in your home. The following are typical characteristics of droppings:

Mice: brown/black, often in clusters
Rats: brown/black, large and round
Cockroaches: brown/black, often look like coffee grounds, left in trails
Bedbugs: rust/black, look like clusters of tiny spots, usually on walls or near your bedding


Each species of pest has a specific way of building their home inside of your home. Rats and mice often nest in warm and quiet places like lofts or wall cavities, while cockroaches commonly nest in kitchens or wall cavities.

Property Damage

Rats and mice love to chew on furniture and walls, so unusual damages to your home and furniture can be an early sign that you have a pest problem. Additionally, damaged wood is another indicator of pests – particularly termites. Termites can cause catastrophic damage to your property, so if you’re noticing numerous holes, loose edifices, and other injuries to your home, call a professional right away!

Pay Attention to Your Pets

Pets frequently detect pests in our home before we do. For example, cats may start catching rodents, and dogs will sometimes sniff and stare at spots where insects have aggregated. If your dogs keep going back to the same place, it might be a good idea to investigate to see if a pest problem exists. Also, keep an eye on your pet’s body language. If they’re scratching more than usual, bedbugs or fleas could be biting or irritating them.

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