Rats in Your Home

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There is no homeowner that likes to see rats running around their homes. If you are a homeowner, you will certainly hate this, right? Rats are so versatile. They are able to wiggle into small gaps and holes as tiny as half an inch. If the rat is unable to get through a hole, it will gnaw its way in. Mice can get through a quarter-inch hole and just like their counterparts; mice will gnaw into any space.

The Mouse and the Rat

Both the mice and rats love warm climate. They simply hate the cold. What does this mean for the homeowner? Well, as soon as the weather begins to get cold outside, the rat and mice will look for warm buildings to invade. They especially love restaurants and hotels. Why? Well, these places have tons of leftover sources of food and water. That doesn’t mean homeowners don’t have the same problem. Now, how do you control rat or mouse infestation?

Controlling Mice

Again, no one wants to see these rodents in their business places or homes. No patron wants to see rats or mice while dining in a restaurant or staying in a hotel. While these rodents are annoying pests and can also cause a lot of damage to your home or business, they can also spread various diseases. Once that rat or mouse is able to get into your home or business place, you can bet, a nest will form. These rodents use anything they can find to make a nest. This might include:

  • Old newspaper
  • Old clothing
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Magazines

They will shred these items by chewing into them and then making themselves at home in a nice, comfortable nest. They will also cause structural damage to your home by chewing into drywall, wiring and insulation.

Food Search

Prior to making their nest, these rodents may roam around your home, searching for food. While roaming, rats or mice will drop feces and urinate all along its trail; subsequently contaminating your entire home. Just thinking about that is enough to make you want to call a pest control company for help, right? And if the rodents get to your pantry where you store food, the contamination continues. In fact, these rats will chew through food packaging (bags and boxes) until they get to the real food source.


It is time to stop the mouse and rat infestation. Contact a pest control professional to rid your home of unsightly and annoying rodents. You don’t want rats or mice to have litters of babies in your home or you will have all kinds of infestation problems. Do yourself a favor and call the pest experts before it is too late!


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