phoenix rodent control exterminators
Understanding Rodent Control and Extermination
Insectek understands that in some homes, the word ‘rodent’ can actually be a touchy subject. Our exterminator team visits the homes of many Phoenix residents who have beloved pets that fall within the rodent family—including Guinea Pigs, Mice, Gerbils, Hamsters, and Rats. Therefore, rodent control and extermination sounds like a heinous action akin to fluffy, furry and even family genocide. Let us state that nothing could be farther from the truth! In fact, feral and rabid wild rodents can pose health and safety risks to not only the human occupants of any home, but also that home’s extended animal family members as well.

Rodents chew into and around wall spaces, causing various structural integrity issues. They can also wreak havoc on electrical subsystems by chewing through wiring, causing potential power and even fire dangers. Furthermore, rodents can contaminate food products—not to mention transmit diseases, including strep bacteria through the act of biting…resulting in health risks for both children, as well as the family’s domesticated habitat-based indoor pets, rodent or otherwise. This is why it is essential to practice rodent control and extermination before these critters can hurt you and your loved ones.

Your Phoenix Rodent Control Exterminator Experts
The professional exterminator team at Insectek Pest Solutions specializes in expert Phoenix rodent control for residential and commercial applications. Should you suspect or experience the presence of a rodent infestation in your home or business space, you owe it to your family, friends, customers, pets, and of course yourself to contact the professional exterminator team at Insectek immediately. We specialize in the control and extermination of many rodent species, including:

• Roof Rats
• Desert Pack Rats
• Wood Rats
• Mice
• Squirrels
• Gophers

Our exterminator team is privileged and proud to serve you, your family and of course, all of your furry four legged friends by providing your home or business with expert exterminator services. Our comprehensive approach will ensure that you and yours remain safely and securely rodent-free from floor to ceiling, and everywhere in between. If you are in need of safe, effective and courteous exterminator services, please contact us today—and learn for yourself why the Phoenix rodent control experts at Insectek Pest Solutions are the only exterminators you will ever need to call on for all of your pest control needs.

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