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Why should you use the services of a pest control company? Unlike the homeowner, the pest controller has firsthand access to the safest chemicals. To do an effective job of eliminating pest infestation, the pest control company doesn’t just come to your house and spray it with chemicals. An inspection is done first and once the type of pests is determined, then a pest control plan is put in effect. Most of their pest treatment is plant-based with no staining and no odor. In the meantime, what are some of the things you should consider?

Things to Consider

The cost and type of pest services might vary from one company to the next. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to check the company’s experience and reputation before even getting a quote. Find out if there are any warranties offered and the different ways in which the pest control provider prepares your home for pest infestation techniques. Now, what is the homeowner’s responsibility in all this?

Homeowners Responsibilities

The homeowner has several responsibilities to have the home ready for the pest controller. Most pest control companies will have you prepare the home by picking up clothing and toys from the floor. You should never hang any clothes outside on a line. While you don’t have to empty your cupboards, you should not leave any cutlery and food on the table or countertops. What types of pests should you be wary of?


The pest control company has certain gel bait for cockroaches, which can be applied safely without any danger to anyone’s health. The German cockroach is usually the type of pests that you would mostly see in warm places like homes, apartments and restaurants. They are small and have a light brown color. Larger cockroaches can be found mostly in the roof. The pest controller will look for these pests in the kitchen, in the dishwasher, trash can, and toaster and behind the refrigerator. Pest treatment for cockroaches would possibly involve fumigation and other forms of treatment, if the pest problem isn’t that serious.


For ants, your pest controller would get rid of the queen ants and the ant nest. The nest would be treated with baits and pest sprays. Homeowners should also try not to leave food out, preferably keeping them in containers or bins.


Rodents that are usually found in the home are mice and rats. They can cause major pest infestations because they are never-ending breeders. First, the pest controller will do an inspection of your home to determine how extensive the pest problem is. The most common forms of treatment are baiting using bait boxes around the home.


As a homeowner, make sure you do frequent checks of your home for pests. You don’t want to have any surprises. If you see paint peeling, crumbling wood beams, hollow sound in the wood when you tap it or damp walls, it is time to take a second look or call in a pest control company to inspect.

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