What’s the filthiest rodent that most home residents are afraid of? The answer is mice. Mice can get into your home when you least expect them to. There are several reasons why mice are unwelcomed guests in your home. They make weird noises, cause damage to the property and pose a serious risk to your health. How they get into your home and how to prevent their entry into a house are things most home users might want to know about. So here you go:

How do they enter Your Home?

First things first, mice are small and flexible. This means that they can easily fit into different spaces without needing an open door or window to creep in. Most mice enter homes through the holes found in floors, walls, foundations etc. Most home owners are unable to spot these places of entry though since they are neatly hidden from human eye.1

Other places that mice may use to enter your home include the gaps that exist in ceilings and windows as well as undone sewer lines. Drainage pipes, especially bath tub drains are also an important entry point for mice.

The problem with mice though is that once they enter your home, they go to find a nice warm, comfortable place to reside in and then seldom leave your home. They can start an infestation from there, causing serious health risks for your family.

How to Control Their Entry in Your home?

A pest control company will need to be called if your home’s 2infestation continues. To avoid that, you should make sure you stop mice from entering your home, i.e. prevent their infestation. Here are a few steps to stop the entry of mice in your home.

·         Seal all Entry Points

This is the most obvious step you need to control the entry of mice in your home. They can get through holes as small as ½ an inch, so leaving any entry point open would be disastrous. Make sure you check the ceilings, the windows, the drain and the sewer lines and ensure that they are all sealed off.

·         Keep All the Food Packed and Out of Reach

Like any guest entering your house, they need food to be fed. The more food there is available, the better they like it in your house. To make sure they stop coming into your home, you need to keep all the food packed up and out of their reach. The scarcer the food is, the more they will make themselves visible and the more they will want to move to greener pastures elsewhere.

·         Set Traps

If you fear you have a mice infestation, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Before you call a pest control company, try setting mice traps and confirming the presence of mice. If you have sealed off all entry points and there is still a mouse running errands around the home, using a mouse trap to capture or eliminate it will free your home from them.

If your suspicions of mice infestation are confirmed, instead of tackling it yourself, make sure you trust a good pest control company like us in Phoenix, AZ, so contact us today!







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