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There are few things worse than the feeling of knowing that your home has mice or rats lurking in it. You may try to get rid of this problem a number of times but you may still have the fear that they have once again returned. Sometimes, it is just paranoia, while other times, it is really the existence of mice that haunts you. How do you know whether or not you really have mice or rats in your home? Here is a low down on some of the things that give away their existence.


3When rats and mice get hungry, and want to eat food, they will try and eat their way into your things such as food packaging etc. When they try to eat something, they leave behind gnawing marks. By examining these marks, you can find out how long ago these marks were made.

Older gnawing marks will be darker in color, and fresher ones will typically be lighter. If you look at the gnawing marks carefully, you can also find out whether you have rats or mice. Bigger gnaw marks can typically indicate rats and smaller ones point to the presence of mice.


When mice and rats move around, they tend to leave behind tracks. Looking out for these tracks and finding them could indicate whether they have left or are still hanging around. Tracks can change color over time and the darker the track, the more recent the movement of the subjects. If you are still unsure regarding their presence, pouring baby powder on their tracks and waiting for new ones to be made on them can be a good ploy.


If you have pets, you have a readymade sensor to check whether or not there are rodents in your home. Pets can sniff around and get excited by the scent of rodents, whether they are cats or dogs. If you see your pet get excited about a particular thing, there is no problem in getting up and having a look at it. The fact of the matter is that cats and dogs have a higher smelling ability than humans and if they are excited about something, you shouldn’t take it lightly. However, this could sometimes even be a false alarm.


Although this might not be the nicest piece of evidence you would want to look for if you are finding out about the existence of rodents, yet, nevertheless it is a good way to find out whether rodents exist in your home. A fresh dropping can be easily identified since it will be moist when you touch it. Older dropping will be greyer in color and will start to crumble with every touch.

Rodents and mice are not the easiest of pests to deal with. They don’t require any suitable conditions to nestle in; they can use any place that they find. Hence, it is best that you are on the lookout for the above four evidences of their existence. Once you find that out, contact a good pest control company like us in Pheonix, AZ, today!