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Insectek is proud of our talented and experienced team members, and we are pleased to introduce our Service Manager, Gerrit Millet. Gerrit brings a decade of pest industry experience to the role, having worked with Insectek for the last six years. 

You may notice we have also rolled out a new logo and design for our vehicles. You can rest assured while we are introducing our leadership and new branding, our commitment to providing the highest quality custom pest control for your home or office remains. We remain locally-owned and operated with a deep commitment to the Phoenix area. 

Introducing Gerrit Millet

Gerrit Millet

Gerrit Millet has years of experience, and he is currently enrolled in the Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) Program to prepare him to lead our team. We believe developing our team’s knowledge helps us improve the quality of services we provide to our clients. Many of you have already gotten to know Gerrit, but we would like to share a little about him for those who haven’t.

Gerrit loves helping technicians grow in their ability to identify and control challenging pests. We recently experienced a great example of his commitment to our team. An individual with a particularly challenging roach problem contacted us for help. Multiple treatments improved the situation, but there were still roaches from time to time. The technician tried many different approaches to get to the bottom of the problem, eventually asking Gerrit to assess the situation. Gerrit recommended a new and innovative strategy, injecting voids in the wall to deal with the issue at the source. That ended the roach problem, and the customer expressed their gratitude to the technician for his work.

The pest industry as a whole may not have a high reputation for customer service, but Insectek puts it as its number one goal! Gerrit believes this commitment makes Insectek unique. 

“The high level of focus on customer service sets Insectek apart from the other places that I have worked,” said Millet. “Our efforts to alleviate busy-work for the technicians and our consultative sales approach enable a more personalized experience for our customers.” 

A Favorite Bug

Everyone in the bug world eventually gets asked about their favorite bug. 

Gerrit had no problem answering this question. “Ants! They are incredibly strong for their size. Their colonies have remarkable ways of communicating with each other, even with sometimes thousands in a colony. And, they can survive a flood by balling together and floating.”

We usually get a follow-up question. “What bug terrifies you most?” 

Gerrit finds Africanized Bees pretty terrifying. “They’re very aggressive and can travel up to a thousand feet from their hive to sting you if provoked.” 

Gerrit has never been stung by a bee, and he definitely would like to keep it that way.

We are looking forward to having Gerrit on the team for many more years to come and excited about the great things to come for Insectek! If you are looking for a pest control company dedicated to helping their customers, contact us! Gerrit and our outstanding technicians would be happy to help. 

In the meantime, keep an eye out for our new trucks in your neighborhood!

Insectek's New Service Trucks
Insectek’s New Service Trucks