Arizona Scorpion Home Sealing

On a daily basis we get asked about a scorpion home seal and its effectiveness. The basic idea of a scorpion home seal is that you can “zip up” your home and prevent scorpions and other bugs from entering. The bulk of the service usually includes things like filling stucco cracks around the exterior foundation, sealing cracks around A/C vents, sealing bathroom exhaust vents, adjusting door thresholds, applying weather stripping around doors and sealing around plumbing. This type of service will probably cost you in the several hundred dollar range or much higher depending on your home size and the company you hire.

Many of the above mentioned services can be very effective in eliminating avenues of entry into the home, but some are not. The main problem is that when someone pays several hundred dollars or more with the expectation that their home is “sealed” from outside intruders they usually expect immediate results. Unfortunately, this is very seldom the case. One can only tell over the long-term of the effectiveness of the home seal service and many times scorpions still find a way in.

The Insectek recommendation is to let us help you make a list of the most effective exclusion methods for free and then hire a handyman at a fraction of the cost to do the work. Tackling the list and coupling it with a recurring Insectek pest control treatment is the best defense against scorpions in Arizona.

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