When visiting a restaurant, it’s under the assumption that they are being held to specific standards of cleanliness. So what do you do if you find rodent droppings in your food? Insectek Pest Solutions knows that it’s everyone’s worst nightmare to find out that their food has been contaminated. Our experts specialize in treating commercial spaces with green products to prevent this exact problem.

The Discovery

In Indianapolis, a Little Caesars was shut down after customers made a shocking discovery. The New York Post revealed that after purchasing a pizza and heading home, a woman found something suspicious at the bottom of their pizza. The crust of their freshly purchased pizza was covered entirely in rat droppings. At that point, the damage was done, and the customer returned to the store only to receive some unsatisfying answers.


Before this encounter, the Little Caesars location had already been cited on seven health code violations in regards to rat droppings that year. This infestation was an ongoing problem that they had not been able to get control over. Beyond citations, the presence of pests and the risk of contamination is seriously hazardous for consumers. Ridding a restaurant of pests is extremely important for the health and safety of customers due to the number of potential diseases they could spread.


Hiring a professional pest control company is key to maintaining a successful business. The findings of an infestation are incredibly damaging to a business’s public reputation as seen by this Little Caesars, which was shut down. They lost their clients’ trust and had business activity halted all due to a lack of pest control. Waiting too long to call a professional and ignoring the warning signs ended up damaging this business in the long run.

Call A Professional

Protect your clients and your business by hiring a professional pest control company that will eliminate rodents from your commercial property. While many are tempted to find DIY solutions, they are often ineffective and put you in danger of increasing the infestation. Rest assured that we’ve got your back here at Insectek, just call us at (602) 795-7850 or visit us here to get a free quote on our organic pest control services.

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