Does this summer seem hotter — and buggier — than ever before? As the summer heat continues to rise, Arizona’s critters are searching for a cool place beat the heat. Unfortunately, your home may be their favorite summer vacation spot.

We are honored to be featured by Arizona’s NBC 12 News, where our manager explains how and why the heat may be bringing bugs out of their homes and into yours.

More Heat Means More Bugs

While it’s true that the scorching heat in Arizona is forcing residents to find shelter in a cool oasis, this also means that pests are going to be doing the same. The heat drives out these pests from their homes causing them to look elsewhere for shelter.

The heat, coupled with torrential rainfall, means a lot of pest problems for homeowners. These pests are out to find shelter, water and any food source they can get there hands on.

Limiting Access to Your Home

Gerrit’s advice to all homeowners during this hot season is to get rid of them immediately if you see them in your home and keep your bushes and trees trimmed at an appropriate level. These crawlers are looking for any possible crevice to enter to find shelter.

If your home is not fully protected, you might end up harboring your neighborhood’s insects as they search for a place to cool off! Check out our instant evaluation tool that can pinpoint your pest problems.

Stay Cool This Summer with Insectek Pest Solutions

Are you noticing more pests activity in your home? Contact Insectek Pest Solutions, the experts at driving out those unwanted creepy crawlies away from your home.

Give us a call today at (602) 795-7850 or check out these pages on our website for more information about the pests in your home:

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