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Here in Arizona, there are so many pleasant connotations associated with winter: cooler weather, stellar blue skies, sweaters, and, of course, the holidays. However, when we at Insectek think of winter, we often think of roaches and rodents… Yuck!

That’s because we tend to see more of these unwelcome guests in our homes this time of year. Why? A major reason is due to the fact that many pests migrate inside looking for shelter when the outdoor temps drop. 

There are, however, ways you can protect your home this time of year, so that there are no creatures stirring all through the house. Check out these tips, and if you’re still having trouble with these pests, be sure to contact us. We’ll be happy to help. 


Winter Behavior

When making your home toasty and snug for you and your family this winter, you’re also creating the perfect environment for unwanted guests … like roaches. When the temps get cooler outside, roaches begin their search for shelter that’s at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. And once they’re in, it’s really difficult to get them back out.

Prevention Methods

Roaches are among the craftiest of insects. That said, they’ll find a way to get what they need to survive, despite the conditions outside. But you can definitely make it a lot harder for them to get in, as well as reduce the allure of your home, by doing the following:

  • Sealing all cracks and holes that lead into your home 
  • Frequently cleaning floors and counters
  • Never leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight
  • Making sure all food is tightly sealed and properly stored
  • Not leaving out pet food
  • Keeping the trash bin tightly sealed 

Controlling an Infestation

If you’ve seen one roach inside, it’s a near certainty that there are many more, and man-oh-man, are they hard to get rid of (especially if they’re German cockroaches). But there are a few things you can try to get the problem under control:

  • Locate the roaches’ favorite hiding spots and set out glue traps.
  • Sprinkle boric acid powder in areas where roaches frequent (be sure to follow the product’s instructions closely).
  • See above regarding sealing entry points and controlling food sources. 


Winter Behavior

Just like roaches, mice and other rodents search for a warm place to spend the winter, and that warm place could very well be your home. In addition to finding a cozy place to live, a rodent’s food sources are limited in the wintertime, so they’re also hoping your home is a bed-and-breakfast, where tasty morsels are plentiful.

Prevention Methods

  • Seal off all entry points.
  • Add screens to your fireplace and vents.
  • Keep firewood a great distance away from your home.
  • Clear debris and clutter from your yard.
  • Make sure your trash containers are tightly sealed.
  • Repair any leaky pipes or faucets.

Controlling an Infestation

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are three main ways to prevent rodent infestations:

  • Seal Up!
    • Seal any entry points into your home to stop rodents from coming in.
  • Trap Up!
    • Set out traps to keep the rodent population from growing. There are lots of traps to choose from, including electronic, sticky, bar, clam snap, and live catch traps.
  • Clean Up!
    • If you have exposed food sources in your home, rodents will avail themselves of it. Keeping your home clean discourages rodents from sticking around.

Let Our Pest Control Experts Help

“‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” Is this your Christmas wish? Insectek can help make it come true if DIY tactics aren’t working to beat back the infestation. Give us a call at (602) 795-7850 for more information on how we can help you actively prevent pests.

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