Pest Infestation

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Pest infestation is real! When a homeowner realizes that pests are in the home or around the property, they tend to react by implementing a quick solution – insect spray. However, instead of reacting with the can of insect spray, it is best to be proactive as it relates to pest control and pest infestation by using the help of a professional. If you wait until the problem occurs, it will be harder to fix. It is best to execute preventative measures instead. When you can identify the underlying causes of the problem, it will significantly diminish any future issues with annoying pests.

Taking Responsibility

Homeowners should take the responsibility to evaluate the property and home for any conditions that pests are known to live in. These are called conducive conditions, which may be causing pest infestation indirectly or directly.

The Contributing Conditions

You need to know the conditions that are contributing to the pest problem so that you can find the appropriate remedy. In fact, this is what the pest control experts would do, if you solicited their help to inspect your home for unwanted pests.

Trim the Branches Close to Your Home

If you see overhanging branches touching the roof or siding of your home, then you are inviting pests to have an easy way to get into your home. Cut the overhanging shrubs or branches to avoid this problem. Rodents and ants will take advantage of access to those branches, giving them an escape route from insecticide treatment. In some instances, you may have to get rid of certain trees from your property, if all else fails.

Soil Contact

When soil is in contact with your siding, it will usually cause rotting after a while, which invites ants and sometimes, termites. It is best to dig soil so it is cleared from your deck posts and sidings. This allows for easier view of the home’s foundation.

Cracks in Crawl Space

If you see any cracks in and around the access door to your crawl space, rodents have an easy way under the house. This is the prime opportunity for them to damage your insulation, vapor barrier and wiring with constantly chewing as well as passing urine and feces. If this goes unnoticed, these rodents will eventually find their way inside of your home. It is best to hire a pest control company to come in and inspect any rodent damage, using extreme measures to get rid of the pest infestation.


Don’t give pests an easy way to invade your home or property. It is one of the most frustrating and annoying thing to live with insects, critters and rodents. You should take measures to prevent the occurrence of pest problems. This means that you have to call on the help of a professional before the pest infestation problem escalates.

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