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Phoenix Pest Control Bed Bug Travel Tips
Phoenix Pest Control Bed Bug Travel Tips
The wintertime in Phoenix is marked by travelers coming to and fro throughout Arizona. Snowbirds flock to the warmer climate this geographic locale is known for, and local families use the various school and work breaks to venture throughout the state, as well as to many other states for a variety of reasons.

All those trips make for crowded roads, airport terminals and train stations, and a lot of packing and unpacking. The back and forth also puts seasonal travelers at a greater risk of coming into contact with one of the most travel-savvy and dangerous pests anywhere: Bed Bugs. As we discussed in depth in our bed bug control blog article, bed bugs can cause a variety of damage to humans and animals alike.

Bed Bugs are not Picky About Location
Although many people associate bed bugs with low rent districts or unclean living conditions, this most unwanted pest knows no boundaries when it comes to choosing a location to infest. Bed bugs will infest beds, furniture and drapes in hotel rooms, seats in train cars, taxis, buses and movie theaters, and the luggage, shopping bags and backpacks we carry around with us everyday.

Even upscale hotels, such as the Astor on the Park in New York City, are not immune to bed bug infestations. For proof, please check out this article and video a pair of California travelers recently posted, after learning their $400 a night hotel suite was the site of a bed bug invasion of epic proportions. We do not want to you to be afraid to leave your home, or to take you family on vacation. However, we do want you to take any and all steps to ensure that if and when you do, bed bugs will not ruin your vacation, and potentially so much more.

When traveling, please take the following bed bug precautions:

• Pullback the sheets and inspect the mattress seams, particularly at the corners, for telltale stains or spots. If you see anything suspect, notify the front desk and change rooms or hotels immediately.
• Thoroughly inspect the entire room before unpacking, including behind the headboard and in sofas and chairs. If any pests are spotted, change rooms or hotels immediately.
• If you do need to change rooms, be sure that you do not move to a room adjacent to, or directly above or below the suspected infestation. Bed bugs can easily hitchhike via housekeeping carts, luggage and even through wall sockets.
• Place your suitcase in a plastic trash bag or protective cover during the duration of your trip to ensure that bed bugs cannot take up residence there prior to departure.
• Pack and store your clothes in re-sealable plastic bags to prevent bed bugs from infesting them.
• Inspect your suitcases before bringing them into the house, and vacuum your suitcase thoroughly before storing it away. Consider using a garment hand steamer to steam your luggage, which will kill any bed bugs or eggs that may have hitched a ride home.
• Wash all of your clothes—even those that have not been worn—in hot water to ensure that any bed bugs that may have made it that far are not placed into your drawers or closet.

Phoenix Pest Control Fights Bed Bugs With You
Remember, bed bugs can cause serious damage to people and property alike. This includes health problems, and as the couple who stayed at the Astor Hotel in NYC can attest to, the loss of thousands of dollars worth of clothes and personal effects. If you suspect you have become the victim of a bed bug invasion, please contact the Phoenix pest control professionals at Insectek immediately—so we can go to work fighting the infestation with and for you, thereby leaving you and yours happy, healthy, safe and bed bug free once and for all.

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