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The Ancient Origins of a Modern Day Menace
When people conjure up mental images about desert wildlife in Arizona, scorpions are usually one of, if not the most recognizable and ever-present representations filling up their mind’s eye. However, did you know that scorpions are actually found on every major landmass except for Antarctica? Various European, African and Far Eastern cultures have written about these little critters since ancient times. In fact, the English word ‘scorpio’ comes from the Latin word ‘scorpius’—which itself is a translation of the ancient Greek word ‘skorpios’.

All these cultures were mesmerized by how the subtle size of this creature in no way belies the amount of damage it can do should it strike out and sting. And our ancient brethren were definitely onto something there! Scorpions are aggressive, territorial, and very easily led to strike with their venomous tails at any creature, human or otherwise, that gets in their way. Scorpions are easily camouflaged by the desert landscape, and because of this they can easily strike and sting people and animals without the slightest visible warning.

Phoenix Scorpion Control Information
Did you know that Phoenix is home to over 55 species of scorpions, but the two most dominant varieties are the Bark and Hairy Desert?

Although stings from both of these varieties, not to mention every other one in the Metropolitan Phoenix area, can be painful, the Bark Scorpion injects venom potent enough to cause serious medical issues if not rapidly treated, particularly in young children. Unfortunately for us Arizonans, the Bark Scorpion also is the most commonly found species in Phoenix home and business spaces.

Hidden in Plain Sight
Because these creatures do not leave a trail of evidence, it can be very difficult to know if a residential or commercial space is infested unless one is actually seen. The Catch 22 here is that if one is indeed seen, the person seeing it is usually already in danger of a strike. This is why it is important to trust your home or business space, as well as the safety and wellbeing of your family, friends, customers and pets, to the Phoenix scorpion control experts at Insectek Pest Solutions.

Insectek Pest Solutions can provide consultations, expert advice, invaluable insight, and of course, professional Phoenix scorpion control—so that you have one less thing to worry about, and so that your home or business space remains scorpion and pest free!

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