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Phoenix Termite Control TubesPesky Little Wood Whittlers
Termites. The one word no home or business owner ever wants to hear when it relates to the physical state of their residential or commercial spaces. This is because termites cause destruction so great, that they can literally destroy the wooden skeleton of a home from the inside out.

Termites live exclusively on diet of wood, and dead wood specifically. Since just about every home and business space throughout the city of Phoenix has a wooden skeleton as its fundamental foundation, we do not need to tell you how easy it is for termites to invade your spaces—and do to you what they have done to so many other people: Destroy dwellings from the foundation up and outward.

Getting to Know the Enemy
The most common types of termites found in Arizona are the Desert Subterranean Termite, Arid-land Subterranean Termite, Western Drywood Termite, and the Desert Dampwood Termite. These invasive creatures nest inside of wall spaces, and anywhere else wood framing exists.

Because they live in colonies, you can rest assured that by the time you see one of them, there are thousands or more that you do not see. However and just because you do not see them, doesn’t mean they are not doing a number on your dwelling. You can begin to spot termite infestations due to the appearance of small mud-like tubes protruding on infected wall, floor and ceiling spaces. But the problem is that by the time you see these veins, the problem is already well out of hand.

Phoenix Termite Control Protocol
There are three basic steps to identifying and treating termite infestations in Phoenix. This includes the pre-treatment phase, fumigation, and then post-treatment. Each of these phases are necessary in order to combat the menacing presence of these invasive creatures.

It is important to have your home inspected for termites periodically whether or not you suspect them—because once an infestation begins, it becomes incredibly cost and time consuming to stop it. We cannot stress enough that termites are not like many other pests and critters we exterminate. Rather, they are much more dangerous due to the extensive damage they can cause, which compromises the structural integrity of your living or working space.

Insectek Has You Covered
Allow the Phoenix termite control experts at Insectek Pest Solutions to help inspect and ensure your home remains safe, secure and totally termite free. Our Phoenix termite control experts have extensive experience providing comprehensive termite control services. Protect yourself, your family, friends, customers, pets and especially your wooden framed home and business spaces from a menace of epic proportions—by trusting the expert Phoenix termite control professionals at Insectek with the wellbeing of your wooden dwellings…not to mention everything and everyone under living, working and playing inside of them.

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