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Phoenix tick control exterminators
Professional Phoenix Tick Control
Although every pesky critter we exterminate is bothersome, few are as dangerous as ticks. Although ticks are referred to as insects, they are actually arachnids, like spiders and mites. They feed on the blood of humans and animals, and are so small (usually 1/16 of an inch fully grown), that they remain unseen and treated in many cases until after they have begun to feed. Their small size and toxic bite makes them insect enemy #1 in our book.

Because ticks feed on blood, they can transmit diseases from animal host to animal host very easily and quickly. Although tick borne diseases are rare in Arizona versus other locations nationwide, they are extremely dangerous and potentially life threatening. This includes causing the following illnesses:

• Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (the most common in Arizona)
• Tick-Borne Relapsing Fever (very rare)
• Lyme Disease (potentially fatal if not treated)

Phoenix Tick Control Information
There are hundreds of species of ticks in existence worldwide, and about 25 in Arizona, but:

• The most common tick found in Phoenix is the Brown Dog Tick

Ticks have four stages in their lives:

• Egg
• Larva
• Nymph
• Adult

Tick Removal Procedure
Once a tick hatches, it needs a blood meal before it can evolve to the next stage. It gets this blood by latching to humans or animals. Ticks bite by latching onto and digging underneath the skin. It only takes a few hours for a tick to be attached to its host, and to begin transmitting disease. Follow these steps if you find a tick bite:

• If a tick has latched on to a human or animal host, DO NOT crush it. Doing so only causes the release of more harmful toxins.
• Use sterilized forceps and gently but firmly pry the tick from the skin. This includes making sure you get its teeth removed too
• After removal, thoroughly clean the bite area with soap and warm water, then re-sterilize the forceps
• See a doctor or veterinarian immediately after removing the tick from the skin

Expert Phoenix Tick Control Exterminators
Although ticks attack humans, their main targets in Arizona are dogs and cats. Tick infestations are very unpleasant and potentially fatal. If you are concerned your dog or cat might be at risk for a tick infection, we strongly recommend consulting your veterinarian immediately, as there are various preventative measures and vaccinations available.

However, the best way to prevent a tick infestation for humans and animals alike is to invest in periodic pest control services. The professional Phoenix pest control technicians at Insectek specialize in tick control for homes and businesses throughout the Phoenix area. Our exterminators will help eliminate ticks before they can become an active danger to you, your family, your pets and everyone’s health. Please contact us today to schedule your pest control appointment—and allow the Phoenix exterminators at Insectek to keep you safe, secure and tick free year round.

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