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We’re well into summer, and just about everyone is eager to take a dip in the pool to cool off after a long, hot day. Remember to look before you leap! You might find a scorpion poolside or even in the water, ready to give you an unpleasant surprise if you get too close. 

Here is everything you need to know about scorpions and swimming pools. 

Why Are Scorpions in My Pool?

Your pool isn’t necessarily appealing to scorpions. What they do find appealing is food. Most scorpions in pools fall in accidentally while hunting for prey. They hang out near pools because many insects they eat, like wasps and beetles, are attracted to water. 

So watch your step when you enter a pool.

Can Scorpions Swim?

Scorpions aren’t good swimmers, but they can survive in water for some time. They don’t have lungs, so they breathe through their exoskeletons, allowing them to survive for up to 48 hours in water. 

How Do I Protect Myself From Scorpions at the Pool?

Exercise caution when you are in or near your swimming pool. Scorpions find interesting hiding spots. For instance, you may find them tangled up in a swimsuit cover-up, towels, or toys. Shake out anything that has laid near a pool for any time.

Also, we suggest wearing shoes around the pool. They protect your feet, and those kicks may come in handy if you need to, uh, exterminate a scorpion. If you see a scorpion in the water, use a net to capture it even if it appears lifeless. A scorpion that looks dead might spring to life and sting you if you disturb it. When cleaning, watch out for scorpions caught in your pool’s skimmer. 

Have More Questions or Need Help?

If you feel like the number of scorpions you see around or in your pool is getting out of hand, reach out to Insectek. Insectek has years of experience when it comes to controlling scorpions and preventing unwanted encounters. We offer recurring pest services to keep scorpions away from your pool and your home. For more information, contact us today!