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Most pest control companies offer periodic treatments, but sometimes, recurring services aren’t necessary. We’ve listed the pros and cons of recurring services to help you determine what works for you.

The Benefits of Recurring Pest Control Services

Saves You Money

Signing an annual contract for recurring services is almost always less expensive than paying each time you have a pest infestation. Recurring pest control can help you save money by preventing an infestation and, worse, damages caused by one. 

Free Re-treatments

When you’re on a recurring treatment program, we come out to re-treat your property at no additional cost. This benefit is not included in one-time or on-demand services.

Increased Chances of Success

A regularly scheduled treatment regimen will be more effective than spot treatments. Some pests, such as roaches, scorpions, and ants are persistent and nearly impossible to eliminate with just one or two applications. It’s also important to get recurring treatments to prevent an infestation of more dangerous pests like spiders and scorpions. 

Peace of Mind

With recurring pest control services, many customers are more confident that the problematic pest won’t come back at an inopportune moment. If you only schedule treatments when needed, you might discover the need at an embarrassing or awkward moment.


A regimen of pest control services helps prevent infestations. Regular treatments deter pests from entering your home. 

Cons of Recurring Pest Control 


We mentioned price as a benefit for regularly scheduled treatment plans, but there could be instances when a one-time treatment is all you need. If your home has minimal pest activity, you might save money by scheduling less frequent treatments on an as-needed basis. 

Risk of Paying for Something You Don’t Need

Some pest problems don’t require multiple rounds of treatment. Other pests are seasonal and don’t need year-round attention. 

A Trustworthy Pest Control Company.

How do you know if a pest can be eliminated in a single treatment? How do you know if a pest is likely to disappear naturally as the seasons change? You should be able to trust your pest control company to help you make informed decisions. 

You can rely on Insectek for an honest assessment of whatever pest problem you may – or may not – have. We’ll work with you to help you determine if recurring pest control services are best for you. You can trust us to help you decide what plan is best for you and your family. Call us at (602) 795-7850 for more information about our pest control services.