Eight Eyes, Eight Legs, Quick as a Bullet.

In Arizona, spiders are active year-round because the state maintains the perfect climate for them to live comfortably. They’re sneaky and good at hiding, and they are easy to miss. Spiders hide in cracks and crevices, dark corners, clutter, and pretty much anywhere else they can go without being seen.

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About 27 species of spiders are common in Arizona, but these are the most seen frequently seen around Maricopa County:

Common spiders found in Arizona are:

  • Brown Recluse Spider
  • Sun Spider
  • Vinegaroon
  • Black Widow Spider
  • Camel Spider
  • Giant Crab Spider
  • Wolf Spider
  • Western Spotted Orb Weaver
  • Jumping Spider
  • Green Lynx Spider
  • Tarantulas

Are Spiders Harmful?

Almost all spiders are venomous, but not all of them are deadly. The bites of most spiders found in Arizona cause only mild reactions. The exceptions are bites from black widow and brown recluse spiders, which can be fatal to humans. If you suspect a black widow or a brown recluse has bitten you, seek medical attention immediately.

Why Are Spiders Around Your Home?

  • A good food source might lead spiders into your home. They enjoy common household pests such as roaches, mosquitoes, and flies.
  • Spiders enter through windows, doors, and cracks or gaps in your foundation.
  • Weather conditions can drive spiders inside. They’ll seek shelter from the rain and extreme temperatures.
  • Leaves, woodpiles, and other clutter outside of your home can serve as a staging ground, providing easy access for spiders to come inside.
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Black widow spider on web

Trusted Spider Control Solutions

Trying to rid yourself of arachnids can be a tricky situation. Spiders feed upon other insects, so if they’re presenting themselves in large numbers it’s most likely because they’ve found a plentiful food source. Likewise, during chillier months, they will seek shelter in warm places. This is why you will often find spiders spinning webs by light sources, by plants that collect sunlight, and on window frames.

Though you might be brave enough to squish a few with a paper towel or handy shoe, an infestation of spiders can be dangerous. At Insectek, we will fully inspect your home for any possible points of entry for spiders, as well as evidence of other pest activity. After detailing a plan of action, tailored to fit your home and needs, we will apply an organic or EPA-approved product, depending on your preference.

Our highly trained specialists will save you the gruesome squishing-duty, and provide you with a safe, venom-free living space. To remain cautious against the threat of dangerous spider activity, consider enrolling in our Insectek 365 Pest Prevention Program. Your spider control specialist will routinely return to your space on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis to assure you and your loved ones stay spider-free. Be sure to check out our Homeowner’s complete Pest Control guide for more tips and help.

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