Bed Bugs are some of the most expensive pests to exterminate out of your home. Once they creep into your home, they can spread quickly throughout the home and prove to be a real headache to get rid of. It is thus, best to follow the maxim “Prevention is better than cure” in the case of bed bugs. Here are a few tips to prevent the infestation of bed bugs in your home.

·         Inspect Your Bed

When you start using a new bed, i.e. you have moved into a new place or are staying in a hotel room, make sure you inspect your bed for signs of bed bugs before lying down for rest. In your inspection, you should be on the lookout for dark brown or black spots, small dots, etc which all are feces from the bugs. If you find something like that, make sure you get rid of the bed before you have to pay for pest control.

·         Clean Your Floor by Vacuuming

Bed bugs, despite their name, are not simply restricted to your bed and your mattress. There are plenty of bed bugs that can roam around on floors, box springs, etc. Vacuum cleaning your home will ensure that bed bugs and their eggs, if any, are eliminated before they breed. Make sure you vacuum the interjection between the wall and the floor thoroughly. Once the vacuum cleaning has taken place, make sure you place the vacuum bag in a sealed pouch outside, in the garbage can.

·         Regularly Wash Your Bed Sheets

A common place for bed bugs to hide in is your laundry bag. To make sure you avoid this from happening, you need to make sure that you wash your sheets, bed spreads, blankets etc. thoroughly. Also make sure to clean the laundry containers each time you give the above a wash.

·         If you have visited an Infected Place, Be Careful

Even though your home may be clean, when you visit someplace else which is bed bug infested, you face the risk of carrying the bed bugs into your home. The best way to avoid that is to unload all your clothing in the suitcases in the garden, outside the home and to give them all a thorough hot and cold wash before drying them and bringing them inside your home.

·         Avoid having A Clutter

The most vulnerable people with regards to bed bugs are those that have a huge clutter inside their home at different places. These places are often warm and moist, helping bed bugs fit in perfectly. Cleaning up the clutter in a timely and regular manner will ensure there is no hiding space or safe habitat for bed bugs and they get no place to breed and sleep.

The tips mentioned above are just some of the many prevention tips that you could use. However, if you are unable to prevent bed bugs, it’s imperative that you get professional help immediately. So contact us for pest control in Phoenix, AZ, immediately!






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