Do you notice any wasps in or outside of your home? Well, that is no surprise since it is that time of the year for you to see these insects perusing around your property. If you don’t know how to handle this invasion of wasps, it is best to call an insect extermination and pest control company to get the job done for you. You don’t want to get stung by a wasp; neither do you want them around your home.

Common Mistaken Beliefs

During the spring, if you discover a wasp nest, it is important to understand the threat that this pest poses to the entire family. It is a common mistaken belief that wasps get rid of their stinger as soon as they sting someone. That is not true. A bee will leave its stinger in your skin after stinging you. Why? The bee has small barbs that prevent the stinger from being pulled out. Wasps do not have that barb in their stingers. A wasp will gladly sting you multiple times without causing injury to itself.

Are Wasps Antagonistic?

Wasps are not usually antagonistic. However, during the spring months, wasps begin to make their new nest and may be overprotective and aggressively defend it. You will find them swarming and chasing you across the yard, if you mess with their new nests. Stay away from wasp nest or you will find that they will get antagonistic.

Protecting Your Home

If you have installed screens on your doors, you might see wasps crawling on the screen door. You might also find them dead in the small spaces around the windows. If they are able to find their way through a window, they will have no qualms about getting in. It is, therefore, important to fix your screens and avoid opening the windows. However, the ultimate solution is to hire a pest control professional to eliminate this problem once and for all.

Pest Control

First, you will have the pest control company do an inspection of your home and property. The pest control company may send a professional crew to remove the developing wasp nests. Even one wasp nest can be a nuisance. If you see one wasp meandering around your home, that means there is a nest nearby. You can seal off different entry points until the pest control company arrives.


Did you know that during the early months of summer, wasps are fascinated with the protein foods in your home? If you leave this outdoors after a picnic or in an uncovered trash can, you are asking for wasp trouble. When it comes to food, wasps are aggressive. Detect your wasp problem and call the professionals – a pest control company that specializes in wasp removal.

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