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What if we told you the #1 thing that you should consider when looking for a pest control company is their backpack? That sounds like a better criterion for a “Dora The Explorer” costume than a pest control company. Let’s take a look at what a backpack can tell you about your pest control company. 

Backpack Precision vs. Spray And Pray

Pest control solutions applied with a backpack are precise. We carry a number of products on each truck so that we can select the solution that addresses your pest control needs.

Most pest control companies use truck-based pumps to apply their primary pest control product across a large area. We call this “spray and pray” because so much is left to chance. Is the product the right product for your pest problems? Will the truck’s hose reach key areas without damaging your landscape? Most companies spray whatever happens to be on the truck and pray for the best. 

They Care About Your Needs as a Customer

Backpack application is the most effective pest control method, but it isn’t the easiest. We committed to this approach because we care about our customer’s needs. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, and compromising on quality would increase our customer loss rate. 

Solutions Are More Concentrated

Pest control companies that use tanks and pumps sometimes water down the solution to create more gallons with the same amount of product. With a backpack sprayer, solutions come in smaller amounts designed for mixing at higher concentrations. These highly targeted, highly concentrated solutions can be applied directly to the source of your pest problem. This minimizes the overutilization of chemicals in areas where your family plays and relaxes.

A Pest Control Partner

Now you have another factor to consider when selecting a pest control partner. While backpacks tell a lot about a pest control company, reviews are still incredibly important. This is one area where we don’t mind patting ourselves on the back a little bit (since our customers took the time to say such nice things!) We are the highest rated company in Phoenix. This is such a positive affirmation of our backpack-based approach and our relationship with our customers.

Let us know if you would like a free consultation about your pest control options. Insectek has been providing pest control services to the Metropolitan Phoenix area, including Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and Gilbert, for eight years. Just contact us to request a quote or ask a question. Our team is standing by with backpacks ready!