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The state of Arizona hosts a plethora of scorpions that may emerge as a threat to you and your home. Luckily, most species do not pose a threat to humans, but having a home infested with scorpions is not ideal. Scorpions are burrowing creatures, meaning that they may not be the easiest to detect in your home. Once you find a scorpion in your home, it is important to take immediate action to figure out what is attracting them.

Finding a Scorpion in Your House

Along with moist areas, scorpions also seek shelter in dark places to avoid the heat. Generally speaking, these creatures are nocturnal and do most of their hunting during the night time. Because they enjoy dark spaces, they may be hiding in hidden corners in your home. Luckily, scorpions glow in the dark, so finding and killing them just requires a blacklight.


Like any living creature, scorpions need water for survival. Arizona has a hot, dry climate, so scorpions tend to seek refuge in cool, moist areas. Unfortunately, this can mean that they are searching for these areas in your household. Scorpions have a tendency to crawl through pipe drains and plumbing units until they are ready to hunt again. This means that these creatures can be anywhere in your house where there is the slightest bit of water: your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or backyard. If a scorpion can safely hide in your house without disturbance, it is likely they will seek shelter there frequently.

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The diet of a scorpion may be what is attracting them into your home. If you have a history of insects in your home, scorpions will be there to feast upon them. Be sure to get reoccurring pest control services in your home to avoid scorpion infestation.

Get Scorpions Out of Your Home Today

Insectek Pest Solutions specializes in residential and commercial properties, to ensure that your home is insect-free. Not only do we handle infestations hands-on, but we also provide preventative pest control to obstruct pests from entering your home ever again Contact Insectek Pest Solutions here, or call us at (602)-795-7850.

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