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Cockroaches are everywhere, quite literally everywhere. They can come out from places you least expect them to. What’s disgusting about them is that they are resilient to the core which means they are some of the hardest pests to control in your home. It is not easy to have lived for over a million years and that is exactly what cockroaches have done. They are one of the toughest pests to control even for good pest control companies. But do you know why they are so hard to control?

Here is a lowdown on what factors that make controlling cockroach growth and infestation so hard:

·         They have the Speed to Escape

How many times have you tried to kill a cockroach by throwing a slipper or trying to kill it with a spray only for it to escape at the penultimate moment? Cockroaches have immense speed; they can escape tricky situations quickly without getting hurt. Some studies suggest they can speed away at nearly 3 miles per hour.

·         They Breed Fast

Did you know that one female cockroach can have around 30,000 babies in a year? This means plenty of cockroaches. Imagine giving this much time to a female cockroach in your home and then trying to use pest control to eliminate them all. The fact that they can reproduce quickly means even if you give them a little respite, you will be back to square one in no time.

·         They are small

While you can easily pick out pests that are large and eliminate them, the smaller pests are the ones that pose the major problems. They can hide in cracks, escape through the minutest of openings etc. This can protect them from any attempts to exterminate them as long as they aren’t conducted by a professional pest control company.

·         They can survive without Food

The easiest way to eliminate pests in your home is to starve them off for food and make them desperate. The case of cockroaches though is different; they are able to survive for long periods without being fed. They can survive for a week without water and a whole month without any trace of food. Also, they have irregular eating habits, they can feed off anything as long as it is edible, and there is no restriction of what to eat and what not to eat.

·         They are resilient Creatures

You chop someone’s head off and they die immediately. Not cockroaches though. They are one of the few pests that can survive without their heads for up to a week. In addition to that, they can also live for around 40 minutes even without breathing.

These are only some of the reasons which make cockroaches some of the hardest pests to control. This means that they can only be controlled by professional pest control companies. To get one in Phoenix, AZ, contact us today!


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