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Having pests invade your home is a stressful situation. Getting professional pest control services to spray and remove them is always a relief – but you might have questions about what you should do after your home is treated. We took the time to answer the most common concerns up-front so you can keep calm and live comfortably while getting the best, long lasting results out of your pest control services. 

Here’s our top 5 tips for how to manage your property after a pest control treatment so that you can get right back into the swing of things.

How Long Should You Wait To Be In Your Space After Pest Control Treatment?

The whole point of getting professional pest control services is to keep your home safe and secure, letting you enjoy your home in peace. But you might be worried about the safety of your home after services or cleaning an area and undoing the treatment your home just recieved. 

Most high-quality pest-control technicians will go over a specific plan and timing for your pest control treatment. However, you usually do not need to leave your home. On the other hand, when it comes to cleaning the area, you should wait a little bit and keep kids and pets away until the treatment has dried. Most treatments will need to work their magic over the course of several hours to a day. For some high-intensity treatments, there may be a span of 72 hours or more that you need to be out of your house – but these are the exception, not the rule.

As pest-control services get more efficient and eco-friendly, they are also kinder on your property and your loved ones. This win-win makes it easier for you to get right back to your daily schedule.

What to Do After Pest Control Treatments?

Along with a waiting period, we generally recommend these best practices after a pest control technician has visited your home for treatment:

1.       Let the Products Work

Since many pest-control treatments are safe once they dry, oftentimes you can remain at home while they go to work. This also means you should avoid mopping over treated areas or washing away products with a deep clean.

2.       Plug Cracks and Leaks

If you’ve invested in high-quality pest control services, your technician is probably able to show you affected portions of your foundation, walls, or other areas of your home. Sealing these off is a great way to reduce repeat treatments.

3.       Check Problem Areas Again

We take great pride in being thorough and effective in our pest control treatments. However, there can be extreme cases where pests are extra stubborn and come back. That’s no problem – our job is to effectively protect your home from pests, so we’ll be sure to come back and adapt until we find the right solution. 

4.       Throw Away Affected Food and Perishables

Before your treatment, you should put away all your food and perishable items. Despite our pest control treatments being non-toxic, it is best to be cautious and discard any food that might have been exposed to any treatment solution.

5.       Remove Potential Pest Attractions

In some cases, it can just be your climate and home environment that are attracting pests. In other cases, you might have home habits that attract pests, such as letting water stand uncovered or keeping food out without protecting it. Make sure there are no sources of crumbs, and try to avoid having paper lying around – it is also a source of food and nesting for many pests.

The most important thing to do regarding pest control safety in your home is to talk with your pest control technician. They will be able to answer specific questions about your home, the exact treatment they used, and whatever follow-up is necessary.

What to Expect After Pest Control Treatment

After you have professional pest control services, you should see a reduction in pests, their nesting materials, and the symptoms of an infestation. However, don’t be surprised to still see some remaining pests (especially roaches, ants, and other insects) scrambling through your property shortly after pest control services have been there.

This is because pest control treatments often elapse over time, and they don’t always outright kill pests – they are fleeing your home. This may take anywhere from days to a week, but it is important to assess entry points and the patterns of remaining pests in order to see if the treatment has actually been effective. As always, make sure to communicate with your pest control provider for best results.

Work With the Best Pest Control Professionals

At Insectek Pest Solutions, we provide customized pest control services for all types of properties. Our goal is to lay out a clear plan for pest control treatment and be a long-lasting resource for our customers without incurring extra cost.

If you are in need of high-quality pest control services in the Phoenix area, please reach out to us today. One call can help get your home back in harmony quickly and safely.