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When you are in the process of purchasing or selling a home, it is time to do a termite inspection. Imagine if you bought a home and before long, you learned that it was infested with termite, what would you do? It would not be the ideal situation. However, all is not lost because you can call a pest control company to fix it for you. However, it is in your best interest to do the due diligence required to ensure that your new home is termite-free. When you get ready to sell your home, it is also important to do a termite inspection. If not, you may be liable or responsible for the termite infestation. Even if this doesn’t amount to financial responsibility, your reputation would be on the line. Would you want to be stuck with a termite infested home? Sure not! So, why would you knowingly or unintentionally do that to a home buyer?

Neighbor’s House

Even when your neighbor’s house is termite infested, there is a problem. Why? Termites can move from place to place very quickly. This is especially true if the neighbor’s house is within several hundred feet of yours. You should bear in mind that termites don’t sleep. They are actively destroying your place around the clock. These termites don’t just eat wood, but they will damage the structure of your home.

Find Those Termites

Don’t always wait on the pest control company to visit your home to check for termites. In between those visits, you should do your own inspection, searching damp sections of your home, especially where there are wooded areas and crawl space. Use your flashlight for dark areas. You may just happen to see a termite cluster in your home, especially at times when there is a lot of rainfall. In case you don’t know, termites love moisture! When these termites are unable to find their food of choice (wood), they will make mud tunnels, running into brick, if they have to and moving through the mud to find wood. If you are not able to see termites where wood is present, use a screwdriver to poke the wood. Check to see if the wood caves in while you are poking it.

Professional Help

It is important to have routine inspections done in your home to safeguard against termite infestation. If you are not sure about whether your home is infested with termites or not, call a professional pest control company to check it out. Termites may invade your home for about three years before you see a swarm of them appearing. Don’t take that chance! Get professional help today from an experienced exterminator.

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