Pests are a nuisance, and there’s no denying it. With their habit of finding the smallest cracks and holes to slide through and make their nests, it’s essential to check these places in your house and hire professionals – like your friends at Insectek – to kick any unwanted guests to the curb.


The attic is an area where homeowners rarely go, making it all the more necessary to check up there for pests. Check any dusty corners that haven’t been cleaned in a while, as well as any loose or rotting floorboards and dark corners or crevices. Rodents love to find hidden spaces to make nests in, so make sure to check under any covers or furniture.

Front and Back Yards

Pests invade from outside the house by finding small gaps in the foundation of a house to sneak through or creating holes in the drywall. Make sure to secure the exterior perimeter of the house, thoroughly checking any exposed areas. Review wires that pass along the exterior of your home, as rats and mice love to chew them up. Look around for any holes in drywall or dirt piles next to walls, as these could be signs of pest invasion.

Underneath the House

The underside of your home can become a haven for pests, as it is the perfect dark and dank area that is often left unchecked by many homeowners. If you have a gap underneath your foundation, use a bright flashlight to search around for signs of pests. Small droppings, tracks, scratch or bite marks, nesting materials (rodents take pieces of paper and foliage to make nests for their young in dark areas), or dirt clumps are all red flags that pests may be living underneath your home.


Like an attic, the basement is an area that is often rarely used and can become home to a host of pests. Pay close attention to corners and cracks in the walls when checking your basement. Check any window sills for droppings or traces of sand or dirt that rodents track into the house.


As you may know from experience – food attracts pests into your home. Make sure to keep the kitchen protected by treating it several times a year, depending on the location and age of your house. Windows should be completely sealed from the outside, and doors should have an outer screen door with no gaps or holes. If you notice scratch or bite marks on windows or doors, inside or out, this could mean that pests have gotten inside.

Also, check the pantry and any other open area where perishable food is placed, especially the trash can. Cabinets and pantries offer cold and dark places where animals and insects can hide and feast comfortably. Regularly empty and replace trash bins as well. They should have a tight lid that does not let scent out.

Hire a Specialist

Think you’ve found signs of pests? Don’t try and deal with it on your own! Call Insectek Pest Solutions at (602) 795-7850 to get a professional opinion, or visit our website to schedule a free evaluation and safely and effectively secure your home from pests.

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