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Out-of-Control Roach Control Fact and Fiction
You have probably heard the myth before: Even nuclear radiation cannot destroy a roach. This story began in the aftermath of World War II, when scientists studying the destruction of the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki noticed roaches were the only direct survivors of the nuclear explosions that occurred in both locations.

Well, this is not a myth actually, because researchers have since confirmed that roaches do indeed have a high tolerance for radiation. This fact, when combined with their extremely rapid breeding capabilities, means that roaches really can survive a nuclear war. Take a moment now to let the uncanny survival skills, and therefore the potential danger of roaches, to sink into your consciousness.

The Most Common Types of Roaches in Arizona Include:

• American Roach
• German Roach
• Oriental Roach
• Turkestan Roach

The Phoenix Roach Control Exterminator Team You Can Trust
Roaches spend a lot of time on bathroom floors, rodent-nesting areas, sewers, as well as in and around dumpsters full of refuse and spoiled food, which is where they tend to feed. Furthermore they are toxic creatures, because they carry over 40 kinds of bacteria and parasitic worms along the spines of their legs that they pick up in the unsanitary places they populate. Once a roach invades your home, the germs on their legs, combined with their fecal droppings, create an unsanitary and potentially dangerous environment for people and pets alike. This is why it is essential that you call upon a professional and proficient exterminator immediately upon even suspecting that a roach infestation might be occurring.

Insectek is proud to be your educated and empowered exterminator team. Our dedicated, courteous and professional exterminator technicians can protect and serve your residential and commercial spaces from roach infestations and invasions through:

• Inspections
• Sprays
• Dusts
• Baiting stations
• Traps
• Follow up visits to re-inspect treated areas

When the time comes to prevent or treat your home or business, allow the expert Phoenix roach control exterminator team at Insectek Pest Solutions to thoroughly and completely care for you. Just one call to us, and we will dispatch a highly trained Phoenix roach control exterminator to your doorstep—thus allowing you to breathe easier, not to mention live healthier, safer and happier in no time.

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