Phoenix Bed Bug Control Warning Signs
Good Night, Sleep Tight…
Think back through your life to the many probable times have you recited the phrase, “Goodnight, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite.” If you are anything like us, we are willing to bet you have said this, or something similar, to loved ones, children, or other people many, many times. However and for as campy and even funny as this salutation sounds, bed bugs themselves are definitely not funny, nor are they a laughing matter in any way, shape and form.

Bed bugs are carnivorous creatures from the cimicid family of insects. They feed on the blood of their victims, and the American variety specifically prefers human blood to that of other mammals. The name “bed bug” refers to the preferred nesting climate of the Cimex lectularius species, which is specifically found in Phoenix, as well as across the entire United States. This species prefers warm homes, and especially likes to nest near or inside of beds and bedding. Although they are not fully nocturnal, they tend to feed on their victims at night when the victim is sleeping. So as you can see, the warm Arizona climate is one of the reasons these creatures take to Phoenix like a fish to water, and have become such a pronounced nuisance in the past several years.

Identifying the Evidence
Bed bug bites are very specific and distinct. They are much more pronounced than mosquito or ant bites, more clustered, and much more irritating too. Furthermore and although all bug bites can cause skin rashes, bed bugs specifically can cause severe psychological effects, and various other allergic reactions. Infestations spread incredibly rapidly, and in extreme cases require the removal or reconditioning of furniture, clothing and even carpet and walls. This is why should you ever even suspect an invasion in your home or business space, it is of the utmost importance to trust Insectek Pest Solutions and its Phoenix bed bug treatment experts to help eradicate the problem quickly, thoroughly and safely.

Bed Bug Control You Can Count On
The professional and courteous Phoenix bed bug control exterminators at Insectek Pest Solutions want to help your home or business spaces, as well as your family, friends, loved ones, customers and pets stay healthy, happy and bed bug free. Our comprehensive Phoenix bed bug control services are second to none. Should your residential or commercial space fall under attack by these dangerous creatures, don’t take chances with your personal, professional and financial wellbeing…by trusting the professionals at Insectek Pest Solutions to help provide thorough extermination of that which ails, itches and bites you!

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