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Though Phoenix might have the largest population of any other Arizona city, there is one thing it boasts more of than people: pests. From pesky ants and mosquitos to dangerous scorpions and black widow spiders, there is a lot of potential for home and office infestation.

The solution: Insectek.

Insectek is a locally owned and operated pest control company, serving the Metropolitan Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and Gilbert areas. With two decades of combined experience, we know a thing or two about the rodents and insects you fear creeping into your home, because they’re our unwanted neighbors, too.

Before they founded Insectek, our owners saw that many people viewed pest control services as a sort of necessary evil – and that didn’t sit right with them. So, the duo traded in their careers in the corporate world to tackle a problem they saw far too many of their fellow Phoenix residents struggling with: pest control.

Pest control service
you can trust

In the arid Phoenix landscape, termites, scorpions, roaches, ants, mice, rats, and more can be a nuisance to any home or business owner. Trying to rid yourself of pests can be a tricky and just as bothersome task, and the exterminator you call in should not add to that stress. Here at Insectek we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. As the top rated pest control company in Phoenix, we approach each client with a tailored solution to fit their current needs.

Our pest control experts analyze pest activity tolerance prior to detailing a customized plan of action for each client. At Insectek we believe in providing our neighbors with solutions they require, and not up-selling them for our profit. Therefore, we uphold the highest moral and ethical standards for our treatments, and will not recommend anything our customers do not need.

Whether you are located in or around the Metropolitan Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, or Gilbert areas, we provide exterminator treatment and preventative maintenance, such as our Insectek 365 Pest Prevention Program, to help keep pests from returning. We use environmentally friendly products to ensure that our treatments are tough on pests, but not on your loved ones – including pets.

Our Team Philosophy

Our 5-star service begins and ends with our committed team of pest control technicians. We aim to hire individuals who take pride in their work, which is why all of our experts are state licensed, background checked, drug tested, insured, and highly trained. We make sure that every member of the Insectek team is highly knowledgeable. When members of the community have any questions about the creepy crawlies making their way across the desert, they know to give us a call. You can even read some of our tips for combatting spiders and tarantulas this season in the East Valley Tribune.

Because we hire great people, it’s important for us to treat them with extra care. Insectek was recently awarded the Gusto Extra Mile designation, which celebrates the exceptional ways local businesses go above and beyond for their employees. We treat our employees like family, because we’ve proven that an enjoyable work environment results in a company that strives to provide a better experience for their customers.

Serving the Community and Beyond

Unfortunately, pest control services are a luxury not everyone can afford. That’s why at Insectek we donate a portion of our profits to Malaria No More (MNM).

Keeping your family and pets safe is our passion. MNM share our goal of protecting innocent people from the potentially deadly malaria disease. For more information, click here.

In addition to supporting Malaria No More, Insectek is proud to support the charitable efforts of Gigi’s Playhouse and St. Mary’s Food Bank. Gigi’s Playhouse provides free educational and therapeutic programs to individuals with Down Syndrome from birth to adulthood. St. Mary’s Food Bank works to combat hunger in two-thirds of Arizona’s counties. To learn more about Gigi’s Playhouse, click here, and tap this link to discover more about St. Mary’s Food Bank.

See Why We’re the Highest Rated Business in Phoenix

Though Phoenix may be inhabited with pests, your home and business don’t need to be. We are proudly serving the Metropolitan Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and Gilbert areas, and are always looking to help keep your domains pest-free. Whether you’re looking to keep pests at bay or are concerned that pests may have already found their way into your home, allow the experts at Insectek to help.