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Phoenix Horsefly Control
Phoenix Exterminators Specializing in Horsefly Control
The Metropolitan Phoenix area is home to a diverse array of people from all corners of the globe. But the desert we call our own is also home to many kinds of horses and livestock that provide both service and recreational-based assistance to their human counterparts. The plethora of ranches, stables and equestrian venues, often located in residential communities and near businesses of all types, is exactly why horsefly control courtesy of professional Phoenix exterminators is so important.

Horsefly Control Information
Horseflies are some of the largest flies in the United States. Some species grow to over an inch long with a 2+-inch wingspan! They are very heavy-bodied and usually black or brown in color. A horsefly is very distinct because of its size, as well as the loud buzzing sound its wings emit as they flap.

Female horseflies are blood feeders, while the males feed on plant juices. The mouthparts of the female are like scissors. They use them to slash open the skin, thus causing the blood to flow with their saliva. Bites are very painful, and can be serious threats to the health of livestock and horses when they feed in large numbers. Painful bites from large populations of horseflies can also:

• Reduce milk production from dairy cattle
• Cause infections in the muscle tissue of beef cattle
• Interfere with grazing of cattle and horses
• Cause injury, as animals will run to escape them

Livestock blood loss can be significant where horse flies are numerous. Horse flies consume about 1 cc of blood at one meal. If there were 20 to 30 flies feeding for 6 hours they would consume 20 teaspoons, which amounts to one quart of blood in just ten days. Additionally and even though it is not as common as animal bites, horseflies have also been known to bite humans as well, causing painful and irritating lesions. Therefore, if you have horses or livestock, or if you work or live anywhere near someone who does, you owe it to yourself to have your home or business space treated for horsefly prevention.

Horsefly Control Treatment
As established and trusted Phoenix exterminators, we have seen our fair share of horsefly infestations, and they are not a pretty sight. We have also witnessed the damage horseflies can cause to humans and animals alike, ranging from one solitary bite to an all-out animal attack. This is why we want to help ensure you never need to see or deal with a horsefly invasion in your home or business space.

The professional, courteous and proficient Phoenix exterminators at Insectek can help treat your home or business space to ensure that horseflies will not become a nuisance for humans and animals alike. We know how important livestock and animals are to the residents of the Valley of the Sun—personally, professionally and otherwise. This is why we proudly provide our human and animal customers with the safest and most comprehensive horsefly control solutions each and every time. Contact us to learn more, or to schedule your appointment for service today.

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