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Nothing spoils enjoying some nice Arizona weather than finding yourself covered in mosquito bites. It’s annoying, unsettling, and unhealthy – and we all want to know how to control these elusive little bugs that are an all-too-common problem both inside and outside homes.

Thankfully, the best minds in pest control have shared some of their best methods for preventing and eliminating mosquitos – and we’ve compiled them in one spot just for you! 

Read on for some of the best long-term solutions for dealing with mosquitos in Arizona.

What Attracts Mosquitoes to Your Home?

Mosquitoes do not show up in arbitrary spots, simply biting everything in sight (as much as our skin might say otherwise). In fact, mosquitoes are specifically attracted to heat, scents, moisture, and colors. 

Some of the most common things that attract mosquitoes include:

  • Your Body Heat: Mosquitoes feed on blood, and the heat from humans and other animals will attract them.
  • Sweat: Sweat is usually a byproduct of body heat, and mosquitoes are drawn to its scent. Additionally, studies have shown that alcohol increases both your body temperature and the attractiveness of your sweat to mosquitoes – so beware.
  • Clothing: Mosquitoes fly toward brightly colored clothing in search of food or moisture. The quality of clothing doesn’t particularly matter, and even dark colors are attractive to these pests.
  • Nectar, Cologne, and Sugar: While mosquitoes primarily drink blood, they also will consume nectar and are drawn toward sugary sources.
  • Standing Water: Mosquitoes breed in standing water, and they’re certainly attracted to any opportunity around your home to make more of themselves, just for you.

Some of these factors are unpreventable (sweat is natural!), but you can prevent the likes of standing water around your home so you don’t invite a bigger mosquito problem for yourself and your family. This, along with other remedies for preventing and eliminating mosquitos, will go a long way to improving your ability to enjoy your home bite-free.

Controlling Mosquitoes at Home

Because mosquitoes are attracted to certain things that we cannot eliminate (such as body heat), it is important to know ways you can deal with mosquitoes invading your home. Some of the best ways to deter mosquitoes in your house include:

  • Use netting, screens, or sealant to prevent entrance to your house.
  • Grow or keep mosquito repellent plants such as marigolds, lemongrass, or mint.
  • Lemons and cloves work as a natural mosquito repellent.
  • Check and clean your vents, drains, and other contained areas to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.
mosquito on arm

Best Ways to Remove Mosquitos

We all know even one mosquito is just too many. Once you have a bite or you notice any crowding around your lights or sources of water, it’s time to take action. 

Here are some of the best ways to remove mosquitoes from you home:

1)  Set out a dish of soapy water: mosquitos will set on it and eventually die from the exposure.

2)  Use body-spray repellent: Applying chemical-based sprays to yourself may not smell great, but it is an effective short-term solution for preventing bites.

3)  Mosquito traps: There are traps you can either purchase, or traps you can make yourself which are mildly effective, and work best as a secondary solution.

4)  Oscillating fans: Mosquitoes struggle flying against wind – and fans do well to imitate that. This isn’t the most efficient or sustainable solution for an overall mosquito problem, but it will work in a pinch.

5)  Scented candles, diffusers, etc.: Lavender, citronella, eucalyptus, or even garlic are scents known to repel mosquitoes. Whether you’re into candles or have a diffuser, consider trying one of these scents as a solution.

These home remedies have been known to help lighten the burden that mosquitoes bring, and may work well for you and your family. However, if you are running into a significant amount of mosquitoes swarming your house, you’ll need to contact your trusted professional pest control technician for extermination services.

Year-Round Mosquito Control Practices in Arizona

Arizona’s climate fosters pretty predictable mosquito patterns throughout the year. This gives you an advantage for mitigating mosquito problems coming your way, and these are some of the best practices for doing so:

  • Do not leave standing water: This means clearing buckets and enclosures after rain, making sure your sprinklers are not creating pools, and regularly circulating any fountains or swimming pools around your home.
  • Replace patio or outdoor lights with bug lights: Yellow light deters mosquitoes, and there are specific bulbs that are made to keep mosquitoes away from your home.
  • Clean out vents and utility hoses: Accumulated moisture in these areas can attract mosquitoes to your home. A routine check can prevent them from finding easy spots for breeding.
  • Cover your garbage cans: Garbage cans (especially when out in the Arizona heat) are major sources of moisture, food, and other decomposing organic material. Don’t let mosquitoes fester, or else you’ll likely find them in your home.
  • Use professional pest control services: We highly recommend having a professional pest control technician visit your home for a yearly checkup. They will be your best resource for taking care of and preventing a mosquito infestation problem in your home.

Protect Your Home From Mosquitoes with Insectek

At Insectek, we have decades of experience in preventing and removing mosquitoes from homes in Arizona. We know what it’s like waking up covered in bites – and we’re dedicated to ending it for you and your family, once and for all.

If you are looking to get rid of mosquitoes for good, then contact one of our technicians for a free evaluation. We’re ready to help you take sustainable measures so you’ll finally have a mosquito-free home.