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Whether you clean your apartment once a day or once a year, finding a cockroach in your living space gives off the impression of an unkempt and filthy area. Fortunately, finding a cockroach in your apartment does not necessarily mean that you are living in filth. The area you live in, the time of year, or the lack of housekeeping of an old resident could all be factors as to why you have an infestation of roaches. Your friends at Insectek Pest Solutions are here to provide you with means of eliminating those pesky creatures from your apartment.

Limit Exposed Food and Water

Although roaches favor sweets and carbs, they do not discriminate when it comes to food. Any exposure to old food or garbage is an invitation for cockroaches to invade and reproduce in your space. To avoid soiling your groceries, seal all of your meals in plastic containers. Cleaning dishes after each use, wiping counters free of crumbs, and removing the trash from your apartment regularly can reduce the number of roaches living in your apartment.

Along with food, keep an eye on any spills or leakages in your apartment. Cockroaches need water to survive, so they tend to search for damp areas throughout your apartment. Because food and water are common in the kitchen, this is a hot spot for roaches to commute to. Keep areas like your kitchen and bathroom dry at all times, and try to clean any spills as soon as possible.

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Seal Any Openings

It is common for pipes, walls, and flooring in older apartment buildings to crack over time. Insects and roaches are known to crawl through small cracks, so it is important to block them out before they come in. Especially when it comes to a crack that is associated with water, such as a pipe, roaches may be inclined to lay their larva in small spots. Whether a window or gas pipe, any crack can easily be sealed with silicone caulk – a long-lasting, flexible paste that will surely keep roaches out.

Create Bait Stations

If easily identifiable, create or purchase bait stations and place them in problem areas where you have the most cockroaches. These serve as a “source of food” for the roaches, which then trap and kill them off. Bait stations are effective if placed in areas where roaches are most common, such as cabinets, dark corners, and wherever food and water are exposed.

Regular Treatment

Although bait stations can serve as a temporary solution, arranging recurring pest control services is the best way to kill and keep roaches out of your apartment. Cockroaches are quick and sneaky, so sometimes they may be hard to catch. Even if you think you do not have roaches, getting routine services done is a great way to prevent roaches from coming back.

If your entire apartment building is infested, it might be best to contact the manager of your apartment complex to create an all-encompassing solution to the problem.

Keep the Roaches Away with Insectek Pest Solutions

As effective as stomping on a roach may be, there are smarter and safer solutions to remove these pests for good. Let the professionals at Insectek Pest Solutions help you resolve your pest problems. Contact us at (602) 795-7850 or visit our website to schedule a for your apartment.

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