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Common Household Pests in Phoenix

The Arizona climate and landscape contribute to having more common household pests than in many other states. (Guess there had to be a trade-off for all the sunshine, right?) If you are living in the greater Phoenix area, the chances are that you have run into an unwanted guest in your home as they seek shelter, water, or a place to nest. 

The good news is that you don’t have to let these home invaders persist – we’ve compiled a list of the most common household pests in Phoenix and what to do about them so you can keep your home clean and safe. Read ahead so you can be properly educated about how to stay ahead of this pesky curve with proper professional advice.

What are the Common Pests in Arizona?

While we’re sure you can name a few people in your life that you believe qualify as pesky, it’s not likely you need professional pest control to keep them out of your house. The pests we’re referring to are insects or animals that can infest and destroy your property while simultaneously risking your health and safety. They vary from region to region, but dry desert climates such as Arizona and Phoenix specifically make human dwellings very attractive to the local pests. 

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In order to keep yourself ahead of the swarm, you need to be armed with education and proper resources. Below are the most common pests and how you can identify them:


Ants are not the biggest health threat or a particularly destructive invader, but they are near the top of the list in making life uncomfortable for your household. When they appear, it’s usually looking for food or water, and they are relentless. While they are exceedingly visible as a sign of an infestation, you should also look for piles of dirt and soil where they nest, as well as try to trace their path back to their main locale so you can get rid of them for good.


A sanitation threat as well as a destructive force, roaches can enter your home through drains, cracks, and crevices in your walls, and other small spaces. Their food source includes not only your food but your pets as well – and they carry germs. Look for droppings, chewed on food, or the actual roach itself as a sign of infestation.


Crickets seek shelter and food – which to them can include fabric and other textiles. If you see holes in your clothes and droppings or stains on furniture, that can be a good first clue. Luckily (or unluckily), crickets have an easy giveaway in their chirp.


Mosquitos gravitate to standing water to lay eggs; if you have open water features (including pools), make sure to check those. Similarly, mosquitos have another dead giveaway in that they will bite you and anyone in your family. Finally, these critters are always present during the humid months, so keep your eyes out during the evening.


Phoenix has many types of rodents that can infest your home in different ways. The common denominator is that they are all health risks and will damage your property. Look for droppings, bite, and grease stains/marks, as well as nesting materials in corners, cupboards, or spaces in structures.


Arizona and Phoenix play host to a number of scorpions – the Bark Scorpion is the smallest but most dangerous in the region. All of them are venomous, though most are not deadly. Look for crickets and smaller insects that attract them, and watch out for scorpions in shoes, crevices, and any small spaces. 


Tarantulas and black widows are two of the most well-known spiders in the region. They are disparate in how dangerous they are, and there are plenty of other species in the desert habitat including the highly venomous brown recluse. Spiders will leave overt clues such as webs, egg sacs, and of course, themselves. 


With nearly 30 species of ticks in Arizona, this common pest is certainly a problem. Only a few of them make it inside your home – most commonly the brown dog tick. True to its name (and common to many ticks), they will burrow in the fur of your pets but can also feed on humans. Make sure to be on the lookout for them in your animals and if you or someone in your home is bitten, make sure to get antibiotic treatment immediately.


Termites are one of the most common and predatory household pests in Arizona. In fact, Arizona sits on one of the most active subterranean termite belts in the country, meaning there are billions of these wood-eating nuisances in the area. Look for rotted wood, termite tunnels, and droppings to let you know it’s time to contact a pest control company to deal with an infestation.

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5 Tips and Reminders for Coping with Pests

Though there is a diverse type of common household pests that inhabit Arizona homes, we’ve got some general guidelines that should help you stay invasion-free in general:

  1. Keep your home and yard clean
    This means raking leaves, keeping yards tidy, and most of all – taking out the trash. Pests love clutter, shade, and excess food, so the less of those things available to them, the better!
  1. Seal your house
    Make sure that the actual house itself is structurally sealed at joints, there aren’t gaps under doors that need to be sealed, and then if there are cracks allowing bugs in, caulk those. Similarly, closing doors/windows is an easy first step for many of these pest problems.
  1. Keep a bird feeder in your yard
    Birds are natural predators to many of these insects, rodents, and even scorpions. They can act as short-term natural pest control if need be!
  1. Raise chickens
    This may not be as functional for some residential areas in Phoenix, but if you can, chickens are a great way to reduce bugs, scorpions, and other pests. Additionally, you have the luxury of fresh eggs and fluffy pets!
  1. Work with reputable pest control professionals
    When it comes down to it, the best pest control service will be working with trustworthy professionals. If you develop a relationship with a company that cares about its clients, they will know the specifics of your property and work to create sustainable solutions.
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