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Pest Control Services and Prices in Phoenix

Dealing with pests in your home can be damaging to your property, health, and wallet. Often, you will find an unwanted intruder and have no idea where to start or who to contact. Even then, you need to be sure that you’re getting fair quotes, the best advice, and know what pest control really entails.

Thus, we’ve put together a handy guide to detail what services are best for pest control, and how much you should expect them to cost. Keep in mind this is variable from area to area, but these guidelines are a great start to your pest-control education.

An Overview of Pest Control Services

Pest control services are meant to appraise problems with invasive species, determine why they are occurring, and create sustainable solutions to them. This is different than pest extermination, which will typically use any means necessary for eradication and can be less sensitive towards property and environmental health.

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Pest control services include diverse methods, trained professionals, and specific products depending on your region, type of pest, and property type. Things you should look for in a provider include:

Certified and Licensed Professionals: 

Pest control services often include the use of chemicals and equipment that can be dangerous when applied incorrectly. Furthermore, the appraisals and techniques done by licensed professionals will take the short and long-term ramifications of your property and health into account. Make sure to check websites and directories to ensure your pest control providers are reputable, licensed, and certified.

Entry Point Inspection:

All professional pest control assessments should include entryways to your home. These include windows, pipes, chimneys, garages, and crawl spaces. Your pest control representative should look for obvious signs of infestation in open spaces as well as structural flaws like cracks that could allow for future pest intrusions.

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Moisture Check

This is another critical component of checking for problem areas around your property. A moisture meter can help pinpoint potential problem areas around your home, especially if your region tends to have seasonal pests that are attracted to small pockets of moisture.

Yard Inspection

If the yard surrounding your house is full of pests, it can be dangerous in and of itself while leaving your house at risk. A quality professional will assess corner-to-corner to ensure your yard is not compromised.

Review and Plan

High-quality pest control professionals typically compile a report on-site and will sit down to go over it with you. This should include present pest problems, potential issues to address in the future, any course of action, and potential cost.

Your pest control needs will be nuanced based on your region, property style, and the pests surrounding it. While no household is the same, you should be able to expect these levels of proficiency and good service on the way to creating an appropriate plan for your pest control treatment.

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Cost of Pest Control Services

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, it is important to know what the average cost for pest control is for some baseline services both nationally and locally before committing to a vendor. These costs will vary based on your property size and type, the frequency of visit, and the scope of services needed, but let’s start with some common services as a frame of reference:

  • Monthly Service or Periodic Service: The Phoenix Metro average price for a monthly checkup without extensive repair or removal services is typically between $50-$75. Depending on your property and type of pest issues, these appointments may be frequent intensive treatments or follow-ups on longer-lasting solutions. Make sure you have a detailed discussion about treatment types and durations with a licensed vendor before committing to scheduled service.
  • One-Time Visit or Pest Inspection: If you are looking for one-off services or an appraisal of a problem from a new vendor, this can be between $100-$300 (depending on property size and your pest infestation issues). One thing to note is that most companies do not charge for Termite or General Pest Inspections, but do charge for a WDIIR Inspection for the sale of a home.

There is no guarantee that national or local averages will equate to your pest-control costs, but it is always best to be educated about what professional services typically run so you can make sure you’re getting a good deal. Always ask for a phone consultation before a visit, and get a thorough explanation of each item you are billed for.

How Can I Find the Best Pest Control Services Near Me?

There are pros and cons of all pest control services, including DIY pest control services all the way to the top-end professional services. In general, you get what you pay for in an industry that has a wide range between amateur services and those provided by professionals with decades of experience in your region.

In order to figure out what pest control services will be the best fit for your property, it is important to assess the following items:

Preventative or Reactive?

If you are looking to safeguard against pest problems that you have heard about or had mild experiences with, you can keep your costs down and take your time selecting a vendor. However, if you have an ongoing pest infestation, it is time to work with a licensed and reputable vendor with experience in treating the exact infestation you are having issues with. This is where a consultation can be a make-or-break experience.

Prep for your consultation

While a quality professional pest control service could appraise and treat your property for any current or potential issues you might be having, the reality is that you should know your property well enough to provide much of the information upfront. This will save you money, and both parties time. Additionally, it can lead to a more comprehensive treatment plan being developed quicker.

Read Reviews and Get a Consultation

The best vendors in your area should be able to give you peace of mind from your first contact all the way through any treatment plan you select. Getting a comprehensive consultation that details hypothetical scenarios and costs shouldn’t cost you anything, and the billing structure should be made clear from the beginning.

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Ultimately, the best pest control services are going to be provided by technicians who are looking at the big picture for your property. Even if you have an urgent need to rid yourself of an infestation, a qualified pest control company should be thinking of how to protect the value of your property, limit damage to the environment, and keep you and your family healthy at the same time.

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Get The Best in Pest Control With Insectek

At Insectek, we have decades of experience in helping families in Arizona and the greater Phoenix area live pest-free. Our services and expectations are all laid out clearly, and we value communication and customer relations just as highly as the integrity of our products and services.If you are looking to receive a free consultation to set up a home visit for pest control services, please reach out today. One conversation could help rid you of year-round stress for the foreseeable future.

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