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Finding the Right Professional Pest Control in Phoenix

Pest infestations can damage your property, jeopardize your health, and create unwanted living environments at home. DIY diagnosis and treatment might be able to stem early intruders, but serious pest infestations will almost certainly require professional pest control service.  

Most regions have different pests based on its climate, landscape, and location, and licensed pest control technicians in your area will be properly educated and qualified to get the job done. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide of what to look for in professional pest services so you can get on with living your life pest-free after a consultation and treatment!

6 Tips on Finding the Best Pest Control Services in Your Area

In a field that is reliant on extremely specific knowledge and application of products, you don’t want to work with someone who is not properly qualified. Thus, look for these attributes in a pest control provider:

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Qualified and Licensed

Pest control companies and their technicians should be trained and licensed appropriately for federal, state, and regional compliance. Look on your potential provider’s website to make sure they are working within verified proper guidelines. Memberships to professional organizations like NPMA and AZPPO are also good indicators of a legitimate pest control company. 

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Referred by Locals

When it comes down to it, pests are a hyper-local issue – especially within a large region such as Arizona or the greater Phoenix Area. Recommendations by friends, neighbors, and online listings specific to your area can go a long way.

Get Multiple Bids 

Getting multiple consultations, bids, and appraisals from verified licensed professionals is always a good idea. That way you can compare and contrast thought processes, products, and get a sense of what aligns with the best interests of your property and wallet.

Consider Value, not Price 

Within the context of multiple bids, you should be considering what you get out of each service, not just the cheapest one. Consider the company’s policy on repeat visits, lifetime value, and even things like free advice in between inspections and treatments.

Eco-Friendly and Safe 

When used incorrectly, many pest-control products can damage the environment, your property, and even your health. Always check with your potential vendors to make sure they are using the latest in spray technology and chemical standards in order to reduce the footprint of treatments around your property.

Experienced and Communicative 

When you are speaking with representatives of a potential pest control vendor, they should have a historical context of similar pest issues in your area. They should also be able to tell you how their company and products will work with your property specifically to address unique concerns and do a thorough job. The main goal is finding pest-control technicians who maintain the high standard expected by them of well-established companies.

Just like any other household service that requires intensive expertise, you need to find a vendor that is trustworthy, works well within the context of your property, and can clearly define their services. Ask as many questions as you can possibly think of during the consultation – the best professionals will happily answer all of them before even billing you a dime.

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Why You Should Consider a Pest Control Professional in Phoenix

Arizona and the greater Phoenix area play host to some of the most persistent and damaging pests in the United States. Due to the desert climate and exposed landscape, pests will look to find food, shelter, and water on your property. Thus, consider these reasons for working with a licensed pest-control expert:

DIY Doesn’t Always Cover it 

Not all pest problems require professional solutions – if you are extremely knowledgeable and careful about preventative measures, you may be able to get the job done yourself. However, in most cases, by the time you realize that there is a home invasion underway, the long-term risk is significant enough that you should call in the pros.

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Health and Safety Concerns 

There are a lot of variables in pest infestations and their respective treatments that can jeopardize your health. Many pests like cockroaches or rats can carry debilitating bacteria that will remain in your home’s ecosystem if not treated properly. Additionally, many of the sprays or chemicals that a DIY project or unlicensed exterminator might use can also have long-term negative implications. Thus, it is important to work with a company that employs the best health and safety standards for pest control.

Property Damage 

Pests not only harm human health, but they also can deal debilitating damage to houses, possessions, and landscape on your property. DIY or unlicensed application of sprays and other pest-control methods can compound the damage, meaning that a professional consultation and service can save you from multiple sources of headache and harm.

Time, Stress, and Money 

If you can solve a small problem with a quick fix, then we are proponents of doing so. However, the licensing and experience that qualified pest control technicians have allows them to understand whether a small job is a sufficient fix or just a Band-Aid that could get ripped off at any moment. Many pest issues will recur seasonally or leave the door open for more intruders if not treated properly. By the time you’re done researching, buying products, applying them, and stressing over whether the job was done properly, you would have gotten your money’s worth multiple times over by hiring a professional.

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Given how pest-prone Arizona households are, we recommend developing a relationship with a reputable pest-control provider before you encounter serious problems. If you wait until it is too late, your property damage and health concerns could be exponential versus booking a free consultation of your property that leads to a well-developed long-term plan.

Why You Should Hire Insectek

At Insectek, we’ve spent decades providing sustainable solutions to Arizona’s pest infestations. We understand that every home and property has unique variables that require diligent care. Ultimately, we want you to feel safe and healthy without having to worry about your house being overrun by the same intruders perpetually.

If you’re looking to pest-proof your property, please reach out today. One of our New Client Advisors will happily provide you with a phone consultation to create a long-term pest control plan. From there, you can go on living your life without having to worry about critters intruding into your space.

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